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A Reply to The Red Badger, and More Candid Opinions
February 11th, 2000

Hey there, I agree with much of what Red Badger has said. Never before has there been quite a loll in the Redwall Community, and the disregard for copyright is horrendous to say the least. Hopefully, with each release of a Redwall book, Brian Jacques gains new fans, many of which can be found online. I'm hoping for a new change to come, to refill the ROC with its old ferver.

One thing I disagree with is his cutting remark about Terrouge Ezine:

"For one, Terrouge was something new and is, for the most part, well executed. But, it is filled with a whole lotta ego. And I mean EGO. The staff is touting this and that, full of self-importance."

What made you think that we are full of ourselves? I will be the first to say that Terrouge not only has its share of faults, but that many many fans dislike our page! We are not as famous or cool as some people seem to think we consider ourselves. The only thing I have even allowed myself to be happy about is the fact that our website is not a conglamoration of other people's graphics and content, which is true for other great Redwall sites.

"Whatever happened to doing a site for fun?"

That is still our mindset, although we also run Terrouge to help other people get information about Redwall--is not that just as good a reason to run a website?

"Terrouge is a good concept (not the first Redwall e-zine as they've said, but good) but they try to hold a place that they don't. The only person in the Redwall community who is above anyone else would be Brian Jacques, himself."

Let me put the record straight: We ARE the first Redwall ezine, as far as we know. RWOnline, Mossflower Patrol's ezine, and even the Dead Sea Tavern's ezine were all copies of ours, and they have STATED as much (some of them even asked our permission). If you can find an ezine that was created before November 1st, 1998, please tell us and we'll stop saying we were the first.

Also, we do not think we hold a prominent place in the ROC, however we do actually receive a good amount of hits (around 500 separate visitors) a month, which is more than most RW sites excepting and But there are TONS of fans that have not even heard of us, a fact we know quite well.

"Sure, webmasters can become respected, but don't flaunt and usurp that respect. If you've actually done enough to earn it, then be mature and don't try to make yourself seem more important than you are. More often than not, you'll simply lose some valued surfers."

I cannot, unfortunately, speak for everyone in the Terrouge staff, but as for myself (co-founder and co-head of everything), I do NOT flaunt any respect I might have gained, nor do I usurp that respect. I do not think I'm important outside of Terrouge, a fact which people remind me often enough as it is.


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