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I'm Sorry, I Really Am
February 19th, 2005

The editorial.

I figure it's high time that I apologize. It's been nearly two years now, and I'm not really around here to plead forgiveness. Not that anyone feels the need.

Yet I feel the need to get this out of my system: I'm sorry for that other editorial. From so many stances, from so many levels, I'm sorry. I can't erase it, and I don't want to, because it is from the drek that the roses come; but I still am sorry. So go read it, and grimace from the pain, and then finish reading this, the apology.

I apologize for what I wrote on, not so much because I feel I was wrong, but because of how I presented it. I do feel that many times beginning writers put too much unnecessary detail into the story, and I do feel that names are generally poorly created, and I do feel that fanfic should be more homage than stale copy, complete with the fan's own style of writing. But at the time I was angry at the stuff and wanted it to be better, not stopping to realize that bitter attack is not the best method of reprimanding.

Which allows me to apologize for my tone. It was bitter and somewhat condescending. It was even more condescending in my mind.

But I also formally apologize to the webmaster who humored me by placing it on there anyway. I suppose he is obligated to, but I thank him for it nonetheless, and also apologize for the (extremely) harsh tone I took with him when it didn't "appear" right away. Angry kid that I was.

Finally I apologize to Snowspine, not so much for the jab, but for how unclassy it was. I mean, a good, friendly jab needs to be part of an overall scheme, and it wasn't part of an overall scheme. I'm sorry that I couldn't roast you in a much more befitting fashion, Snowspine. Um, and I do mean that in a very caring, affectionate way. Yes.

Actually, my final apology is for everyone who had to read that trash. I have matured as a writer (hopefully), and never want to write that level of filth again. Seriously, though, squint when you read it. It keeps it from stinging your eyes.


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