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The Similarities and Differences of Redwall Abbey and Salamandastron
February 19th, 2005

Ok. I have never written an editorial for, but I have enjoyed reading them every so often. I especially like the one on Martin the Warrior and Aragorn (in LOTR Aragorn is my fav. character) and on Rose and Arwen. But, I have always liked this website and check on it for updates every day. But anyway, the topic for my editorial here is on the differences and similarities of Redwall Abbey and Salamandastron.

I'll start with the differences. First of all, Redwall Abbey is a place of peace and serenity, whereas Salamandastron is a bastion of strength built to defend the western shores of the world of Redwall. Secondly, in Salamandastron a warrior leads the hares. In Redwall, though there is often an Abbey Warrior, the abbot or abbess leads the creatures. This is because their purposes are totally different. Salamandastron's purpose is to fight off vermin, while Redwall is built as an abbey, a quiet place where creatures can live in peace without worries or fears of being attacked. This, however, makes it more liable to be attacked. To vermin, peacefulness is a sign of weakness, and so they attack Redwall, whereas they are not quite so ready to attack Salamandastron. This is because a mountain is much more formidable and also because hares are, as they say, 'perilous beasts'. The mountain can only be attacked by those at the head of a great army. This is different from Redwall, because an army of only three hundred (Taggerung) makes ready to try to conquer the place. So those are there differences. Next I will talk about some of there similarities.

First of all, they are both led by either an Abbot, Abbess, or a Badger Lord. They are both peaceful communities, for the most part, in the sense that usually the hares of the Long Patrol do not go out seeking vermin. Occasionally, when they know that vermin are about, they do chase after them, but not very often. Another similarity is that they are both great, monolithic structures built for the protection of the creatures who live within them. The mountain is somewhat more like a battle fortress, while Redwall Abbey is a place of strength in its own way, but peaceful enough to fit the purpose. These are a couple of things and I know there are more similarities between them, as well as more differences, but I do not have time to find them at the moment.


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