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Who's the Mightiest Warrior?
February 19th, 2005

Everyone has wondered it at least once in their lives: If all of the Redwall warriors met each other and got in a fight, which would win? Well, I'm here to judge that little conundrum.

Every category is out of 25 marks. Each creature will be judged on:
Experience: What have they fought? How big of a challenge was it?
Style: Style is everything.
Aggression: Did they need to be convinced to fight, or were they in there like a swarm of bees?
Self-Dependence: Could they make it on their own, or do they need a gang behind them?

PS: I haven't read Rakkety Tam yet, so he's not in this.

PSS: I read Outcast a really long time ago, and I can hardly remember anything about Sunflash. Since I'm afraid of making inaccuracies, he's not going to be in this either.

And here we go.

Matthias: 67
  • Experience: 20. He fought more than most have. He's done in Cluny, Asmodeus, and has assisted in the death of Shadow, the Wearet, and Slagar.
  • Style: 10. Nothing particularly notable about his style.
  • Aggression: 22. Hardly ever needed convincing. He stood up to Cluny the moment he stepped in the Abbey, and was after Slagar as soon as possible.
  • Self-Dependence: 15. He always seemed to have a party with him, and always had assistance.

Martin The Warrior: 75
  • Experience: 20. He's fought and killed Badrang and Tsarmina, two major bad guys, fought off the Gawtribe.
  • Style: 15. Knows a bunch of fancy sword moves from Boar, always good for a joke with his comrades
  • Aggression: 25. Beat up Hisk, led the charge against Badrang, beat up two guards the moment he sets foot in Mossflower, vows to take out Kotir; quite a little fireball.
  • Self-Dependence: 15. Made it to Mossflower by himself. He's usually got some comrades with him.

Mattimeo: 28.
  • Experience: 8. Never really fought anything until Malkariss, and even than there was a huge army with him.
  • Style: 5. Style? Mattimeo? WAHAHA!
  • Aggression: 10. Shows enough aggression towards Slagar when he thinks his dad is dead.
  • Self-Dependence: 5. Nope, he's pretty useless on his own.

Mariel: 80

  • Experience: 15. She nearly killed Gabool at the beginning. Helped out a lot at Southsward.
  • Style: 20. Her stand-up-for-herself attitude and the fact she doesn't take guff from anyone gives her major style points.
  • Aggression: 25. Mariel is the embodiment of aggression.
  • Self-Dependence: 20. Perfectly capable on surviving on her own. She survived being thrown into the sea, after all.

Samkim: 40.

  • Experience: 10. Fought Deathbrush well enough.
  • Style: 10. Had he used his bow and arrows more often, he might've had style.
  • Aggression: 10. Doesn't seem to show much aggression at all.
  • Self-Dependence: 10. Once again, nothing really going for him here.

    Urthstripe: 65.
    • Experience: 20. Kills Ferahgo, takes out a fair share of Corpsemakers.
    • Style: 10. He's sort of your regular badger powerhouse.
    • Aggression: 20. He challenges Ferahgo to a fight on his own and nearly wins.
    • Self-Dependence: 15. Could probably do well enough on his own, but he is only seen with an army behind him.

    Felldoh: (IÕm using Felldoh because I have Martin down for Mossflower) 75
    • Experience: 15. Takes on Badrang and kills about a score of beasts with just a stick. Also likes to snipe out the horde.
    • Style: 15. Taking on the entire fortress by himself shows some style. And putting Badrang in his place gains him some points as well.
    • Aggression: 25. Felldoh? Aggression? Synonyms.
    • Self-Dependence: 20. Was perfectly capable of fighting on his own, and is very good at killing things by himself.

    Finnbarr: 65.
    • Experience: 15. Takes on Urgan by himself.
    • Style: 20. Twin swords, one eye, and has his own battle cry. This guy has his own kind of style.
    • Aggression: 15. Seems to like to kill things.
    • Self-Dependence: 15. Can't have a ship without a crew, but survives well enough on his own.

    Grath: 70.
    • Experience: 15. Kills things from a distance, but is very good at it.
    • Style: 20. The green arrows are cool, as well as the fact she's the first archer heroine we've had.
    • Aggression: 15. She snipes, which I don't think really counts as aggression. But she has her revenge thing going for her, which provides her with some aggressive traits.
    • Self-Dependence: 20. Survived well enough on her own without any help.

    Tammo: 40.
    • Experience: 10. Fights well enough, but doesn't really have any remarkable battles on his own.
    • Style: 10. Doesn't have any, really.
    • Aggression: 10. Showed some aggression in wanting to kill Rinkul.
    • Self-Dependence: 10. Seems to rely on others a lot.

    Cregga: 75.
    • Experience: 20. Apparently killed Gormad Tunn and piledrived Damug Warfang.
    • Style: 20. First female badger warrior we've seen, has that awesome axe pike thing.
    • Aggression: 20. Runs straight into the battle at the Ridge and plows right through the army. She likes to kill things.
    • Self-Dependence: 15. Is never really on her own a lot, and once she goes blind, she needs people around her.

    Dann: 36.
    • Experience: 10. Has the sword, but doesn't seem to fight anything.
    • Style: 5. His names Dannflower, and that's all he really has going for him.
    • Aggression: 13. He never really shows much aggression, except against Raventail.
    • Self-Dependence: 8. Is always with Song, Dippler, and Burble.

    Luke: 64.
    • Experience: 18. Fights off Chopsnouts Corsairs, survives being attacked by Vilu Daskars pirates.
    • Style: 6. Not his strong suit. Has a raging obsession with killing Daskar.
    • Aggression: 25. Crashes the Gorleech into the Tall Rocks, assaults Vilu at least twice.
    • Self-Dependence: 15. He's pretty good on his own, but is always assisted by someone.

    Brocktree: 76.
    • Experience: 20. Maims Ungatt Trunn, isn't afraid of fighting anything.
    • Style: 18. Has that awesome huge sword, never really shows any weaknesses, and remains relatively calm.
    • Aggression: 20. Likes to fight things, never really shows any fear.
    • Self-Dependence: 18. Can take care of himself, without a doubt.

    Tagg: 90.
    • Experience: 20. Kills Vallug, Eefera.
    • Style: 25. Was raised by vermin, is the Taggerung, very cheery.
    • Aggression: 25. Can kill things when he wants to, takes an arrow to the chest and still goes after his prey.
    • Self-Dependence: 20. Is usually just traveling with Nimbalo, but can track and hunt on his own.

    Triss: 43.
    • Experience: 13. Kills one of the snakes.
    • Style: 15. She was the first female sword bearer.
    • Aggression: 10. Spends most of her time running away. Once she gets the sword, she shows a will to kill Kurda.
    • Self-Dependence: 5. Is never on her own.

    Lonna: 87.
    • Experience: 23. Kills an entire crew of rats almost entirely by himself.
    • Style: 19. His seer abilities are cool, as well as his whole vengeance thing.
    • Aggression: 25. Makes a vow to kill all of Raga Bol's rats and does so.
    • Self-Dependence: 20. Goes through most of the book by himself.

    So with that all said and done, the standings for the fights would look like this:
    5th place: A three way tie between Martin, Felldoh, and Cregga.
    4th place: Lord Brocktree.
    3rd place: Mariel.
    2nd place: Lonna Bowstripe.

    And in 1st place, Tagg the Taggerung.

    I have no idea how you'd get all of the warriors into one place at the same time, but if they did, then that's how it would probably turn out.


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