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A Reply to Bobtail
-The Red Badger
March 15th, 2000

Hi. This'll be short since I don't have a lot of free time. I just wanted to respond to some of the things Bobtail said.

What made you think that we are full of ourselves? I will be the first to say that Terrouge not only has its share of faults, but that many many fans dislike our page! We are not as famous or cool as some people seem to think we consider ourselves. The only thing I have even allowed myself to be happy about is the fact that our website is not a conglamoration of other people's graphics and content, which is true for other great Redwall sites.

I guess my opinion on that subject comes with the way you present yourselves. Pardon me, but I have gotten the impression, when visiting your site, that you do see yourself as "higher" than the site-viewer. That's just my opinion. Others are free to form their own.

Let me put the record straight: We ARE the first Redwall ezine, as far as we know. RWOnline, Mossflower Patrol's ezine, and even the Dead Sea Tavern's ezine were all copies of ours, and they have STATED as much (some of them even asked our permission). If you can find an ezine that was created before November 1st, 1998, please tell us and we'll stop saying we were the first.

Go visit the LP's link page. Look under "Haras' Homepage". The Mossflower Press, circa 1997. That's one of many I've seen come and go. Just happens that the Press is the one I can submit for your "approval". The term "e-zine" wasn't around back then, but TMP would fit the definition. I'm not saying it's better than Terrouge, what I am saying is that it was around before it, thereby making Terrouge NOT the first Redwall e-zine.

I cannot, unfortunately, speak for everyone in the Terrouge staff, but as for myself (co-founder and co-head of everything), I do NOT flaunt any respect I might have gained, nor do I usurp that respect. I do not think I'm important outside of Terrouge, a fact which people remind me often enough as it is.

Just a question I must pose: If you DON'T think you're more important outside of Terrouge.... exactly WHY would people have to remind you of it? Seems to me that the only reason they'd bring it up is if you were acting more important that you are.

-The Red Badger

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