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A Defense of Terrouge
March 21st, 2000

*Sigh* I don't like having to defend a website, especially when the arguements against Terrouge seem so strong. Hopefully this reply will at least begin to amend some of the complaints you all seem to have.

First, to Red Badger, probably part of the reason our site gives the impression of being 'higher' than the normal Redwall fan is because we actually tried to put real content on a Redwall site, which to some people immediately makes us look like we're full of ourselves. Also, since there is a large body of staff members, we refer to ourselves as 'we', 'us' etc. The truth is, if I referred to all the work done on the website with "I", a lot of people would not be happy. It's not being proud of ourselves as much as a requirement.

By the way, "ezine" is a word used to describe online magazines, NOT emailed newsletters. Notice that we do not call the Terrouge Digest an 'ezine', because it is a newsletter, NOT a magazine. That is what separates us from The Mossflower Press. I'm sorry if we weren't politically correct with our statement, but we are the first online Redwall graphics-filled, HTML-published, electronic magazine.

And finally, nobody has reminded us that we're not more important outside of Terrouge, rather some even claim that we are, yet they DESPISE us for it... what's up with that, I don't know.

Calico Rose, your arguements against Terrouge are much heavier, and definitely need to be discussed, because you have some really good points. I'm glad you understand what Terrouge started out as, and our goal (which was to be completely new and original).

I have always been overly ambitious, and it can be clearly seen with Terrouge. RedCenter is a perfect example, as it was released long before we could even run it well, and because of that it failed. Unfortunately, FanWorks and the ROTW Project seem to be following suit, which is why we're now asking for help in running them.

HOWEVER, ambitious does not equal snotty, and while you wrote your reply as if there was a line between them, you did not say where it lay. Wanting to offer hosting for fan art (something that has needed a good host after the Redwall Art website stopped updating) and help out Redwall fans who didn't know HTML does not mean we're snotty! The same goes for offering email (which, incidently, is from, and can be found on MANY other Redwall sites), and the Terrouge Digest (which is just a newsletter that we thought people might like).

WHY is all this considered 'snotty'???? We want to help, and all fans tell us is that we're making fools of ourselves. Maybe we ought to just leave the net, and let fans go back to copying the same old HTML and graphics that they've been using for years. I had thought Terrouge might make a difference, promote originality, and try to make a community out of the ROC, but it looks like I was wrong.

And for the record, as I have stated MANY times on other message boards, the merger with Camp Willow does not mean that they will be running the Ezine! The ezine staff will stay the same, and will not review sites as competitors, but as other sites. If there is any bias, it will be on the side of the staff member, and will not change since the beginning of our magazine.

My final word is this (unless you want to continue the discussion personally by emailing me at, as I won't post here again (takes too long).

I, and my partner Kenny, started Terrouge Productions (the name we chose to put behind any Redwall site we made together) for one goal: to promote originality among Redwall fans. Our first attempt was the Terrouge Ezine, which was to be an example of how Redwall is more than just a book series, but rather an online community. FanWorks was made to promote artistic and storytelling originality, and the ROTW Project was made to promote website design and layout originality (instead of using the same graphics and layout). Terrouge Digest was to further Terrouge Ezine's goal, and the Choice Awards was to help promote a friendly competition between Redwall sites (as well as see what people really liked, contrary to the simply page awards most sites give out). We never wanted it to look like we just thought we were the end-all source for Redwallers, or downplay any other Redwall site.

Maybe you understand our side, and particularly my feelings. It's a cruel moment when you try your hardest to succeed at something like Terrouge, and then find that everyone dislikes you for it. People have done much worse than us, and have gotten off with a lot less hatred. Why?


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