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Last Word from Me on Terrouge
-The Red Badger
March 27th, 2000

This is the last thing I'll be saying about the (small) Terrouge aspect of my initial editorial.

Bobtail is still missing my point. First, e-zine would be defined as "electronic-magazine". In real life, a magazine is STILL a magazine, whether you buy it at the newsstand or have it delivered through the mail. Secondly, The Mossflower Press has posted an issue online, and, unless my memory is failing, they always intended to post it online in ADDITION to e-mailing it. What I took issue with was that Terrouge labels itself as the first, when I know it wasn't. Maybe TMP doesn't meet your standards for an "e-zine", but it does for mine. Redwall has had a strong presence on the 'net since 1995. To come into the picture in 1998 with Terrouge and claim to be the first, completely ignoring the 10-15 similar sites that came before it, is, to me, the height of arrogance. Again, I'm not saying that they were better than Terrouge. I'll admit, my feelings towards the staff's ego aside, that you all have done a really nice job with it. I'm simply saying that you weren't the first. But, aside from TMP, I can't offer any proof of the others' existence. I can offer only my word, which would not, I imagine, hold much weight with you since you don't know me from the next guy.

On your last part of the section responding to me, you claim "no one" has reminded you you're not important. Yet, in your previous editorial, you contradict yourself.

Editorial #1 - "I do not think I'm important outside of Terrouge, a fact which people remind me often enough as it is."

Editorial #2 - "And finally, nobody has reminded us that we're not more important outside of Terrouge, rather some even claim that we are, yet they DESPISE us for it... what's up with that, I don't know."

I won't be responding to the rest of your editorial since it was directed towards CalicoRose. To wrap this up, I'm sorry if I've come across as having a vendetta against Terrouge or despising you, because neither is true. My comments about Terrouge were simply a small part of my initial editorial. However, I stand by my words and will defend them. Been nice debating.

-The Red Badger

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