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A Response to Bobtail
April 16th, 2000

Bobtail, I believe you have missed the point of my editorial.
First, I feel compelled to repond to your statement:

"It's a cruel moment when you try your hardest to succeed at something like Terrouge, and then find that everyone dislikes you for it. People have done much worse than us, and have gotten off with a lot less hatred. Why?"

Nowhere in my previous editorial was the word 'hate' even mentioned. Hate is a waste of time and energy. There is no reason for me to hate you or your site.

When I said Terrouge was overly ambitious, that was exactly what I meant. You created a multitude of features for your site without perfecting any of them. That is why you have experienced trouble running them.

"HOWEVER, ambitious does not equal snotty, and while you wrote your reply as if there was a line between them, you did not say where it lay."

The line between ambitious and snotty is crossed when you give your visitor the impression that you are the only Redwall fans that matter and that you are the only ones capable of making a website.

"WHY is all this considered 'snotty'???? We want to help, and all fans tell us is that we're making fools of ourselves. Maybe we ought to just leave the net, and let fans go back to copying the same old HTML and graphics that they've been using for years. I had thought Terrouge might make a difference, promote originality, and try to make a community out of the ROC, but it looks like I was wrong."

Where in my editorial did I give the impression that I felt you should 'leave the net'? I feel that each and every site in the ROC makes an important contribution. Yours is no exception.

"And for the record, as I have stated MANY times on other message boards, the merger with Camp Willow does not mean that they will be running the Ezine! The ezine staff will stay the same, and will not review sites as competitors, but as other sites. If there is any bias, it will be on the side of the staff member, and will not change since the beginning of our magazine."

While I still believe that your merger will have some effects on the rest of Terrouge, I hope that my comments (along with others) have made you aware of the obligation Terrouge faces to be completely unbiased. You should report Redwall news and let your readers make their own judgments.

My editorial was never meant to belittle you, or your achievements with Terrouge. As I stated in the first line of my previous editorial, "The following article reflects my opinions and feelings regarding a site in the R.O.C.". That is what I intended it to be received as. I'm sorry you misinterpreted my message.

Hopefully, this will put an end to all articles on Terrouge. Thank you, Martin, for posting one more!

This friendly response was written by CalicoRose (
-Calico Rose

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