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More Thoughts on the ROC
May 13th, 2000

Firstly I would like to say that I'm a relative newcomer to ROC as we have only recieved the internet within the last year. I have enjoyed it but I now have mixed views.

I must say that I enjoyed the sleek and well planned sites such as 'The Long Patrol', 'Redwall Encyclopedia' and 'The Official Redwall Web Site', my congratulations to their web masters. But as went on, further down the list produced by the search engine I found that some sites were awful, (I don't enjoy saying this about sites but some of them really bad). Some sites literally just said who they were writen by, that they liked Redwall and a big cheesy picture of them getting Brian Jacques's autograph. Pathetic isn't it. I'm sure those sites will improve, eventually.

Take my advice if you have a links page then please don't include them! Some people don't have the money or the time to root through the garbage to find the gems.

I myself have never been able to enjoy Redwall Art pages, simply because I can't wait around while I download a single picture.

Before you say I am going to, I will say that I won't start criticizing 'Terrouge'. When I attempted to get on it I got some sort of downloading error-thing, so there's no comment from me on that thankyou very much.

Despite the down sides, Redwall on the internet is still good, for one thing where else would you find up to date info on Redwall and Jacques, not on the news!

As for the books I think they are great. My all-time favorite still has to be Martin the Warrior, I'm on my fifth time of reading. It's hard to say what makes it so brilliant but I guess it might be tragic end which really caught me by suprise. But now 'Outcast of Redwall', Legend of Luke' and 'The Long Patrol' are climbing my favorites list.

What I've here is not to criticize ROC, but to help it improve.



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