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A Different Take of the ROC
June 29th, 2001

The Redwall Online Communty is much different from the way it once was. Now, everyone has a Redwall website, myself included. Some sites are great, well formed clubs or information sites. Other sites are poorly designed and, well, just another example of Copyright Infringement.

Yes, it's against the law to take writing or pictures from other sites without asking permission OR giving credit to the true author. I prefer both. My site WAS one of those sites, it had copied information and nothing crediting the real author or illustrator.

As a webmaster myself, I find the ROC to be great. You can find new ideas everywhere, plus it's very competitive. I check out many ROC sites and that helps me to improve my site. I don't copy anything and I really can't credit ideas, because who knows where they came from?

Example: I have a new RPG and I would credit the creator of Redwall RPG's but I have no clue who that would be, and I'm sure more than one person would take credit for it anyway...

Getting back to how the ROC helped my site develop, I saw in all the popular (commonly visited) websites something different, original. From The Redwall Encyclopedia to Terrouge to D.A.B. to The Official Site, everything has something new to offer. Not everything is new, everything really can't be. I realized this and made a great effort to change my page, delete copied pages, and create things new and original, but, also keeping many traditionals (like book reviews and quizzes), all in my own style.

My page's background may still be Parchment (same as, but my site isn't the same as any other. It may have features that are the same as others, but in a different style. Finally, I'd like to thank all of the members in the wide spectrum of the ROC for all of the time and effort they put in (some more than others), because everyone has something to contribute. Whether the contribution be a copied site, to teach you what NOT to do, or some great new ideas for an ever-changing world, every contribution has its bright side.

I use the Parchment background because I think it's the best. I tried hundreds of possibilities before deciding to stick with Parchment. Thanks to for showing me the best background ever!

-Pawflash of Pawflash's Redwall Abbey

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