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Chronology of the Future!
July 19th, 2001

Well, it may please you to hear that this editorial is going to be shorter,and probably less repetitive than the last. This editorial is going to be full of predictions. (don't groan!) These predictions are about something which is only really thought about and debated before the book is published.

As you may have guessed from the title, I'm going to make predictions about the chronological placement of books. Now, don't go getting the wrong idea and thinking that I'm trying to suck some glory out of saying that 'The Legend of Luke' comes before 'The Outcast of Redwall', that is not what I'm trying to do at all. What I'm going to do is to make some educated guesses based on available information and speculation on where the two up and coming books will be placed chronologically in the Redwall saga.

Firstly I will look at...


There are three main time slots which 'Triss' may fill: 'Outcast of Redwall' to 'Mariel of Redwall'; 'Salamandastron' to 'Redwall'; or 'The Taggerung' onwards.

Well the least likely by far is 'OoR' to 'MoR'. Simply because of the fact that we can actually measure this time in badger generations, Sunflash to Rawnblade.

Now, you may now say it is open net as to which of the two it is, but there are arguments for and against either side.

If you were to take the side of 'Sal' to 'Red', you might refer to the uncharted gap as being a delicious opportunity, saying it is only logical for Brian Jacques to 'fill in the gaps'.

But, against this you could argue that it would make more sense for Brian Jacques to write for after 'Tag' as he would not have to refer to Redwall Abbey as being relatively young, which could hinder any storylines which could refer to the time of Kotir and Tsarmina. Another point is that if the books 'Sal' and 'Red' were linked, there would be very few generations between the battle at the end of 'Sal' and the battle just before 'LP' (the book not the website). Now, you may wonder how this acts as proof. Well, it does, if nearly all the hares were killed in the battle ending 'Sal', with only a few surviving, the hares would have to breed extremely fast to make up there numbers which, even after a battle with 1,500 rapscallions on the western shore, were in the hundreds. Also, in the handwritten note by Brian Jacques it was revealed that "A young badger, and a young hare run away from their home." The home is most likely to be Salamandastron. You may be wondering how this affects it. Well, I'm guessing that the reason this badger is running away from Salamandastron is because he or she argues with another badger that lives there (like what happened with Mara). Now, if you think about the badger lord at the end of 'Sal' we see Urthwyte, single with no children. Wven if he did, they probably would not do the same as what Mara did only one generation before. But, with 'Mar', on the other hand, it is 'Russano' (probably), now he has a wife and two children, a much bigger chance for a row.

Well, which side do you believe? I'm personally inclined to go for 'Tag'+. Though, maybe I'm slightly biased as Russano looks to be a great badger lord.

'Tri' is still very hazy. We will probably know more after 'Tag' is released and as the publication date draws closer.

Loamhedge (unofficial title)!

Now, this may sound a bit odd, but, because of the nature of the storyline this book is the easiest to place chronologically. It is quite obvious that this story is set almost definitely after 'Mattimeo', as in his note Brian Jacques refers to the events of 'Mattimeo' as if they happened before 'Loamhedge'. It would be very hard to argue about it, even if you wanted to, because the evidence is so simple, almost crystal cut.

Well, those are my guesses on the chronology of the two new books.

If you have any suggestions on any subjects you would like me to examine e-mail me!


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