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A Simple Deduction!
August 16th, 2001

Hello again!! Yes I'm back (cue groaning)!

Well, it may please you to hear that this is a notably short editorial on my part, but I hope it will set you thinking. I have just worked out a way to possibly deduct the chronological placing of 'Triss'!

Okay, now I'm going to start with a simple piece of fact which I need to secure from the transcript: the two former dibbuns mentioned are actually Sarobando and Bragoon. Now, this is not clear when you view the transcript which has been posted, but, it is my belief that the simple error of mixing up a full stop with a comma has been made.

Now, with that in place, we can safely say that Sarobando and Bragoon must have been dibbuns in a previous book (the names do make them sound dibbun like). Now, they haven't been dibbuns in a previous book, so, they have to have been in either 'The Taggerung' or 'Triss'. Now, if people who have copies of 'The Taggerung' could confirm whether Sarobando and Bragoon are featured as dibbuns, then we can say whether 'Triss' is where I believe it to be in the chronological sequence (just after 'The Taggerung').

That may have just made no sense to you. So, put it simply: if Sarobando and Bragoon aren't dibbuns in 'The Taggerung', then we know they must be in 'Triss'. If they are dibbuns in 'Triss', then that means that 'Triss' comes just before 'Loamhedge', and 'Loamhedge' has to come after 'Mattimeo' (please don't ask me why, it's as plain as the nose on your face). There is no timeslot for 'Loamhedge' and, possibly, 'Triss' beforehand until after 'The Taggerung', so 'Triss' would have to be then.

Also, it is quite possible to be right in saying that 'Triss' is not in early-Abbey history, because Brockhall is mentioned in the 'Triss' transcript, but, it is not fully explained. My guess is that it is part of a sub-quest undertaken by some curious Redwallers. But, it wouldn't be much of a sub-quest if it was set in the Abbey's early years as Brockhall and it's whereabouts would be common knowledge.

So, if you have read 'The Taggerung' or know this for sure, and you can safely say that Sarobando and Bragoon are nowhere to be seen, then e-mail me. Also, I would recommend that you post that information so that it can be shared with the ROC. I advise you to use 'The Long Patrol Forum'.

My quill stops scratching... for the moment.


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