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[Year #1]
--Autumn of the Warriors
--Winter of the Long Snowfall
--Spring of the Many Blossoms
--Summer of the Golden Friendships

[Year #2]
--Autumn of the Roasted Chestnut
--Winter of Reflections
--Spring of the Whispering Willow
--Summer of the Changing Tide

[Year #3]
--Autumn of the Blazing Leaves
--Winter of the Frozen Flame
--Spring of the River Glen
--Summer of the Early Frost

[Year #4]
--Autumn of the Fallen Oak
--Winter of the Frosted Leaf
--Spring of the Mad Hedgehog
--Summer of the Late Moon

[Year #5]
--Autumn of the Dancing Shadows
--Winter of the Dancing Snowflake
--Spring of the Rising Stars
--Summer of the Roaring River

[Year #6]
--Autumn of Remembrance
--Winter of the Icy Falls
--Spring of the Rushing Waters
--Summer of the Misty Falls

[Year #7]
--Autumn of the Grey Sky
--Winter of the Silver Snow
--Spring of the Tangled Oak
--Summer of the Scorched Bough

[Year #8]
--Autumn of the Red Pebble
--Winter of the Crystal Ponds
--Spring of the Wispy Clouds
--Summer of the Rising Moon

[Year #9]
--Autumn of the Amber Wisp
--Winter of the Drifting Bank
--Spring of the Unceasing Winds
--Summer of the Trailing Vines

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