The Great Redwall Feast

Written by Brian Jacques

Illustrated by Christopher Denise

US HardcoverArt by Christopher Denise

US Hardcover
Art by Christopher Denise

“I’ll tell you a story, you’ll see it unfold. I can still recall, though I’m old. ‘Tis an ancient tale, related in rhyme, which happened, once upon a time.”

So says an elderly squirrel, as he and his friend, a mole, tell the tale of the old Abbot’s “Bobbatan Quest for the Weary Nod” to a group of dibbuns. The entire abbey is preparing a surprise feast for the abbot, when he goes on his quest. Matthias, Constance and Foremole accompany him on his quest, all perplexed as to what the “Bobbatan Quest for the Weary Nod” is. They walk all day in Mossflower woods.

Meanwhile, at the abbey, Noisey Sam (Sam Squirrel) signals to everybody that the Abbot and company have departed, so they continue to prepare the feast, constantly having to stop the baby mole, Bungo, from eating everything in sight. Upon the Abbot’s return, the great feast starts. Bungo charms his way into the abbot’s lap and soon, both of them are fast asleep. During his slumber, a scroll falls out of the abbot’s large sleave, and the riddle of the “Bobbatan Quest for the Weary Nod” is finally solved.

So the story ends, with the elderly squirrel telling the dibbuns: “Good-bye, my friends, come back sometime. Maybe I’ll read you another rhyme. Our names and address, should you wish to call: Bungo and Sam, the Abbey, Redwall.”

Page Count: 64
The Great Redwall Feast © 1996 The Redwall Abbey Company Ltd. All rights reserved.
Published by Philomel Books

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