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Inside Collecting ‘Redwall’

Posted by Martin the Warrior

As the book that started it all, Redwall has spawned many different editions and reissues, far more than any other novel written by Brian Jacques. Certainly time is a contributing factor— more time since its original publication in 1986 means it’s simply had more opportunity to be reissued than the other volumes. But there’s a […]

Inside one of the largest Redwall collections in the world

Posted by Martin the Warrior

For 18 years now, I’ve been an avid Redwall collector. It started simply enough— there were eight books out at the time, I had to get them all and read them all, that was all there was to it. So I did. As it turned out, I got a mishmash of hardcovers and paperbacks. Wouldn’t […]

The Long Patrol Celebrates 18 Years Online

Posted by Martin the Warrior

It has been a long road to get us to this point.  The Long Patrol was founded on this day in 1996– August 15th, 1996, to be exact.  In the 18 years since then, the site has grown and morphed in ways I could not anticipate but for which I will always be grateful. On our […]