Mariel of Redwall Timeline

Unnamed Season

- Three Long Patrol hares (Sergeant Learunner, Crocus, and Gorsepaw) are murdered by the searat king, Gabool the Wild. Their bodies are found washed up by the tide by Lord Rawnblade Widestripe.

Unnamed Summer - Lorquin Woodsorrel visits Redwall Abbey with his son, Tarquin, for Abbot Thomas’ Jubilee Feast.

Unnamed Winter - Fieldroan the Traveler stays at Redwall for a winter. He leaves some scrolls under the care of the Abbey Recorder, Brother Hubert.

Unnamed Summer - Joseph the Bellmaker and his daughter, Mariel, set sail from the far south for Salamandastron to deliver a great bell to the badger Lord Rawnblade Widestripe on the ship Periwinkle

Unnamed Days Later (mid-summer) - Periwinkle (Captain Ash) attacked by the searat vessel Darkqueen (Captain Saltar). Joseph and Mariel (along with the bell) are taken back to Terramort Isle, ruled by Gabool the Wild. Jospeh is thrown into the dungeon and Mariel is forced to serve Gabool his meals.

Periwinkle is renamed Crabclaw.

Unnamed Autumn - The tapestry of Martin the Warrior is begun at Redwall Abbey

UK HardcoverArt by Douglas Hall

UK Hardcover
Art by Douglas Hall

Unnamed Summer – Day 1 - Mariel runs afoul of Gabool and is thrown into the stormy sea

Day 2 - Gabool kills the searat Halfnose for touching the great bell. He also kills Captain Bludrigg of the Greenfang, promoting Garrtail to Captain.

- Gabool speaks to Joseph in an attempt to get him to build a belltower. Joseph refuses, but reads an inscription on the bell on the false promise that he would see his daughter. Gabool pushes him out the window into the sea.

- Mariel washes up on the beach with no memory and fends off seabirds with a knotted rope she names Gullwhacker. She names herself Storm.

- Captain Saltar of the Darkqueen learns of his brother, Bludrigg’s, murder and swears vengeance. Darkqueen sights Terramort.

Day 3 - Storm (Mariel) rescued from toads by Salamandastron hares of the Long Patrol: Colonel Meadowclary (Clary), Brigadier Thyme (Brig Thyme) and the Honorable Rosemary (Hon Rosie). They take Storm (Mariel) to meet Pakatugg Treefleet

- Saxtus of Redwall recites Mariel’s Legend

Darkqueen reaches Terramort. Saltar leaves the ship, and Graypatch (with fivescore searats) steals it to escape Gabool’s madness.

- Gabool kills Saltar. He gives orders to Riptung, Catseyes, and Grimtooth to fix the ships Nightwake, Seatalon, and Crabclaw and then to pursue the Darkqueen.

Day 4 - Storm and Pakatugg leave for Redwall. Storm leaves Pakatugg and meets Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel (Tarquin). They head to Redwall together.

Day 5 - Abbot’s Jubilee Feast at Redwall.

- Storm and Tarquin arrive at Redwall. Storm passes out after hearing Saxtus recite “Mariel’s Legend” at the feast.

- Sister Sage performs a type of regression hypnosis on Storm, to learn her story.

Waveblade (Captain Orgeye), Blacksail (Hookfin), Rathelm (Flogga), andGreenfang (Garrtail) arrive at Terramort.

Day 6 - Graypatch pulls the Darkqueen into the River Moss. Greenfang catches up to Darkqueen and the crew of the Darkqueen slaughters the entire crew of theGreenfang. The mast of the Greenfang is then burned.

- Simeon, Brother Hubert, Saxtus, Mariel, and Dandin search for directions to Terramort so Mariel can rescue her father. They find a riddle and Mariel swears to kill Gabool.

- Simeon is visited by Martin the Warrior who tells him that Dandin must travel with Mariel. Simeon, directed by Martin the Warrior, lays his fabled sword by the sleeping Dandin.

Day 7 - Graypatch sends a patrol (Frink, Deadglim, Ringtail, Lardgutt, Ranzo, and Dripnose) to scout the area. Pakatugg follows (and harasses) them anonymously and then is captured.

- Lord Rawnblade sends Clary, Thyme, and Rosie to investigate the ships (theDarkqueen and the Greenfang) up north. They battle the toads they had rescued Mariel from and win.

- Rawnblade forges a spear.

- Mariel leaves Redwall without telling anyone and swears to return someday. She comes upon Tarquin, Dandin, and Durry Quill, who have followed her. Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry tie up the heron Irktaan and cross a ford.

Waveblade (Captain Orgeye) arrives at Terramort and leaves immediatly after a request for supplies is denied by a raging Gabool.

Day 8 - Mariel is frightened by a storm (reminded of the night she was thrown into the sea by Gabool). They are attacked by an adder from which they escape.

- Pakatugg leads Graypatch to Redwall.

Day 9 - Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry are captured by Flitchaye. They are rescued by Stonehead McGurney who takes them to his home. They spend the night.

- Flagg the otter discovers Graypatch outside the Abbey. After sparring verbally with the leaders of the Abbey, Graypatch declares war.

- Clary, Thyme, and Rosie discover Pakatugg’s home empty. They come upon theDarkqueen and remove its rudder making it unseaworthy.

- Bigfang challenges Graypatch, then takes the crew back to the Darkqueenwithout him and a rat named Fishgill. They reach the ship and two are slain by the Long Patrol hares. They return to Graypatch at the Abbey.

- Graypatch launches an attack against the Abbey, but retreats.

- The Waveblade runs aground on the reefs near Salamandastron. Rawnblade boards and slaughters the crew with the Bloodwrath, then falls asleep and the ship sails away.

Day 10 - Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin and Durry leave the McGurney home and travel to the Swampdark. Dandin falls into the swamp and is rescued by his companions, aided by the spirit of Martin the Warrior. Mariel then bluffs their way through scores of newts/lizards. They reach the sea and meet Bobbo. They stay the night at his house.

- Graypatch attacks the Abbey with fireswingers.

- Clary, Thyme, and Rosie arrive at the Abbey.

Day 11 - Bobbo leads Mariel and her companions to the place where a metal swallow that is mentioned in their direction rhyme lies. They retrieve the swallow from the deep pool, discovering it is a compass. Bobbo tells them of a ship not far away wihout mast or sails that they can sail with (the Greenfang).

- Clary teaches Flagg and the badger mother, Mellus, to fire longbows.

Day 12 - Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry sail the Greenfang northwest. Later, in heavy fog, it is hit mid-ship by the Seatalon and destroyed. Mariel and Tarquin are thrown into the sea, Dandin and Durry are rescued and chained as oarslaves in the Seatalon’s hold.

- Tarquin and Mariel are rescued by Rawnblade aboard the Waveblade.

- Captain Catseyes takes Dandin’s sword.

- The Seatalon reaches Terramort. Dandin, Durry, and the rest of the oarslaves are freed by Joseph and his band. Joseph slays Captain Catseyes. They are taken to the TRAG (Terramort Resistance Against Gabool) hideout.

Rathelm arrives at Terramort. Captain Flogga is killed by the scorpion, Skrablagg, when Gabool (who is insane) thinks he is Graypatch.

Day 13 - Clary, Rosie, Thyme, Foremole, Dan’l, Groaby, and Buxton free 6 more oarslaves.

Nightwake, Crabclaw, Blacksail, and Waveblade reach Terramort. TRAG warriors steal the Nightwake, Crabclaw, and Blacksail when the captains are ashore.

- Mariel, Tarquin, and Rawnblade are taken to the TRAG hideout. Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry are reunited. Mariel is also reunited with her father.

- TRAG attacks Fort Bladegirt and triumphs. Gabool is killed by the scorpion, Skrablagg.

Day 14 - Graypatch slays Bigfang.

- Oak Tom arrives at Redwall with news that Graypatch’s crew has built a cage for the oarslaves.

- (Night) The last 12 oarslaves are freed by Clary, Rosie, and Thyme. They are escorted back to Redwall by the squirrels, Rufe Brush, Oak Tom, and Treerose. Pakatugg remains behind to battle the searats. Clary, Thyme, and Pakatugg are killed. Rosie escapes, badly wounded.

- TRAG warriors set sail for Mossflower. The Waveblade is renamed Gabriel, theBlacksail renamed Hon Rosie, the Nightwake renamed Abbot Bernard and theCrabclaw is restored to its original name, Periwinkle.

Day 15 - Flagg and Mellus find the terribly wounded Rosie and take her back to the Abbey.

- The crew of the Darkqueen, reduced to 18, attempts to return to the ship. Remaining crewmembers are slain and/or captured by various things. Graypatch is slain by Oak Tom.

Unnamed Days Later (Autumn) - TRAG arrives at Redwall.

Unnamed Days (Seasons?) Later - The great bell is hung at Redwall as it’s inscription that could only be understood by a badger Lord said. It is named the Joseph Bell.

- Mariel and Dandin leave Redwall to travel.

- Tarquin marries Rosie and they have 12 leverets. They begin the Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol.

- Oak Tom and Treerose are married.

- Saxtus becomes Abbott.

- Rufe Brush attaches the sword of Martin to the weathervane at the top of the Abbey during the Bell-raising feast.