Mossflower Timeline

Prologue – Unnamed Autumn

Bella of Brockhall tells the story of the liberation of Mossflower to young Gonff, grandson of Gonff the mousethief and Columbine.

Unnamed Autumn - Boar leaves Mossflower to travel to Salamandastron.

Sunflash is born.

Wildcats arrive in Mossflower.

Barkstripe leads an attack against the wildcats, but is slain. Bella becomes ill with grief.

Sunflash leaves Mossflower to avenge his father, but never returns.

Unnamed Seasons Later -

Log-a-Log and his shrews were captured by Ripfang.

Log-a-Log escapes.

Four Seasons Later

UK HardcoverArt by Pete Lyon

UK Hardcover
Art by Pete Lyon

Day 1 - Ben Stickle, his wife Goody, and their four children (Ferdy, Coggs, Posy and Spike) leave the fortress Kotir and spend the night in a temporary shelter in Mossflower.

Martin the Warrior is captured. He faces Verdauga Greeneyes, ruler of Kotir and is sent to the dungeons. His sword is broken in a rage by Tsarmina, daughter of Verdauga. He vows vengeance against Tsarmina before being thrown in the dungeon.

Day 2 - Verdauga is poisoned by Tsarmina and the healer vixen, Fortunata. Gingivere (Tsarmina’s brother) is framed and thrown in the dungeon. Tsarmina declares herself Queen.

One Season Later – Unnamed Spring -

Day 1 - Gonff the Mousethief is caught stealing from Kotir and thrown in prison w/ Martin. He relates the story of Mossflower’s enslavement.

CORIM (Council of Resistance in Mossflower) learns of Gonff’s imprisonment and plans a rescue.

Gonff and Martin receive rescue plans.

Day 2 - Loamhedge mice, lead by Abbess Germaine, arrive in Mossflower.

Martin and Gonff escape Kotir and are brought to Camp Willow.

The otter’s pike, Stormfin, defeats Tsarmina’s water rat, Gloomer.

CORIM enlists the help of Chibb the robin to spy on Kotir.

Day 3 - Ferdy and Coggs Stickle are captured and imprisoned at Kotir where they meet Gingivere.

Woodlanders gather in Bella’s ancient home, Brockhall, for safety.

Bella, Martin, Gonff, and Young Dinny the mole figure out clues to find the mountain stronghold of Salamandastron.

Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief, and Young Dinny the mole set out for Salamandastron on a quest to find Boar the Fighter, Bella’s father. They are pursued by three Kotir soldiers: Scratch, Splitnose, and Blacktooth.

CORIM brings food to Gingivere, Ferdy and Coggs. They are attacked by Kotir soldiers.

Day 4 - Ferdy and Coggs are hidden in Gingivere’s cell.

Day 5 - Skipper enlists the help of his brother, the Mask, to free Gingivere, Ferdy, and Coggs.

Martin, Gonff, and Dinny encounter swans on a pond.

Martin, Gonff, and Dinny escape the swans without harm. Scratch is killed while trying to steal the swan’s eggs.

The Mask, disguised as a fox called Patchcoat, makes contact with a spy of Tsarmina’s: Fortunata the vixen, disguised as Besomtail. Fortunata is killed. The Mask, still disguised as Patchcoat, gets into Kotir and frees Gingivere, Ferdy, and Coggs. He is killed in the escape.

Later that evening, Splitnose and Blacktooth are killed in an attempt to capture Martin, Dinny, and Gonff.

Day 6 - Martin, Dinny, and Gonff meet Log-a-Log Big Club. They drive off a snake and a newt known as Deathcoil and Whipscale.

Using Log-a-Log’s ship, the Waterwing, they sail down the Great South Stream. The ship is destroyed over a waterfall. Gonff is lost. Martin, Dinny, and Log-a-Log are rescued by bats and taken to Bat Mountpit.

Dinny rids the bats of an owl.

CORIM decides on a plan to defeat Kotir: tunnel into the fortress and flood it with waters from the River Moss.

Day 7 - Martin, Dinny and Log-a-Log leave Bat Mountpit. They are captured by toads who throw them into the “Screamhole” with Snakefish, a giant eel. They are reunited with Gonff. They escape and free the Snakefish. Salamandastron is sighted in the distance.

Gingivere leaves Brockhall.

Tunneling begins.

Bane the fox, with his band of 60 mercenaries, arrives at Kotir. He strikes a deal with Tsarmina.

Day 8 - Martin, Dinny, Gonff, and Log-a-Log fight off seagulls at the beach.

Gonff “dances” with a crab.

Martin, Dinny, Gonff, and Log-a-Log find an old rat dead on the beach and thankfully take his supplies after they bury him.

Otters, squirrels, and moles are attacked at the tunnel sight. Soilflyer, Urthclaw, and Diggum are trapped in the tunnels.

Day 9 - Bella searches for another place, should Brockhall be discovered, and sees Gingivere and meets his wife, Sandingomm.

Soilflyer, Urthclaw, and Billum are rescued.

Squirrels and otters retaliate and trap the soldiers of Kotir in their own fortress.

Martin, Dinny, Gonff, and Log-a-Log are met by three hares; Trubbs, Wother, and Ffring. They are taken to Salamandastron and meet Boar the Fighter.

Day 10 - Boar shows Martin the writings on the wall at Salamandastron. Martin’s sword is reforged with the metal from a fallen star. Boar, Martin, and others (Gonff, Dinny, Log-a-Log, Trubbs, Wother, Ffring, Harebell, Honeydew, and Willow) battle Ripfang the searat’s crew. Boar is killed.

Martin and the others capture Ripfang’s ship, the Bloodwake.

Bane is killed by Argulor the eagle.

Flooding of Kotir begins.

Day 11 - Martin is reunited with an old friend, Timballisto, who was an oarslave.

Bloodwake is renamed Wuddshipp.

Log-a-Log and other shrew captives are reunited with their tribe.

Day 12 - Martin, Dinny, and Goff sail into Camp Willow.

Martin promises to free Mossflower.

Day 13 - Columbine and Abbess Germaine take the little ones to stay with Gingivere and Sandingomm for safety.

Leaders of the CORIM deliver an ultimatum to Tsarmina: leave Kotir by sunset or die. Tsarmina refuses. Martin is shot in the side with an arrow.

Wuddshipp is sunk to dam the River Moss and the tunnels to Kotir are flooded.

Day 14 - Kotir attacked, woodlanders win.

Martin battles Tsarmina.

Tsarmina drowns.

Martin found unconcious and at Dark Forest gates. He is kept alive by Goody Stickle until the Abbess can be brought.

Day 15 - Bella brings Abbess Germaine to save Martin’s life.

Day 16 - Kotir captives are sent away, making the promise to never carry a weapon or step foot in Mossflower again.

Unnamed Days Later - Gonff marries Columbine.

Day 36 - Martin awakes

Unnamed Seasons Later (Same Autumn as Prologue) - Sunflash the Mace arrives at Salamandastron.