Redwall Timeline

Past Unnamed Seasons -

Sister (Abbess) Germaine translates Martin the Warrior’s Abbey blueprints.

Unnamed Seasons Later - King Bloodfeather of the Sparra steals Martin’s sword off of the weathervane.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Cedric reigns as Abbot of Redwall Abbey.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Bull Sparra and Greytail encounter Asmodeus. They lose Martin’s sword to the adder. Greytail is killed.

UK Hardcover Art by Pete Lyon

UK Hardcover

Art by Pete Lyon

Unnamed Seasons Later – Summer of the Late Rose – Day 1 - Matthias gathers chestnuts.

Abbot Mortimer has a talk with Matthias telling him ,”It is an unwritten law that Redwall mice can go anywhere, throughout any territory, and pass unharmed”.

Cluny and his army head towards Redwall in a cart drawn by a horse.

Feast celebrating Golden Jubilee of Abbot Mortimer.

Constance, Matthias, the Fieldmouse Family, and the Churchmouse Family observe Cluny and rats in cart heading towards Saint Ninian’s. They return to the Abbey to warn everyone.

Old Methuselah recounts stories he has heard of Cluny the Scourge.

Cluny the Scourge has nightmares about a certain shadowy figure.

Day 2 - Frogblood and Scumnose recruit over a hundred new members for Cluny’s army.

Methuselah tells Matthias of Martin the Warrior.

Rat pretending to be injured comes to the Abbey. He lets important information of their camp slip.

Ambrose Spike leaves to warn inhabitants of Mossflower Woods of Cluny’s horde.

Mossflower inhabitants are called to Redwall by the Joseph Bell.

Cluny and his horde march towards Redwall.

The Abbot, Constance, and Matthias meet with Cluny and Redtooth, who give the Redwallers the articles of surrender.

Matthias rips the articles into pieces.

Constance challenges Cluny and tells them to get out.

Cluny stares transfixed at the tapestry of Martin the Warrior, the shadowy figure of his dreams.

The Vole family is captured by Cluny’s horde.

*Evening* Foremole, Gaffer, and Marge rescue an injured Ambrose Spike.

Ambrose recounts the story of how he sustained his injuries while warning the Vole family.

Cornflower tells Matthias that he is a true Warrior.

Cluny tells Shadow, the rat/weasel, to sneak into the Abbey and steal the tapestry of Martin the Warrior.

Day 3 - Matthias and Constance take charge of the weapons training.

Methuselah tells Matthias of the sparrowhawk he treated. The sparrowhawk had told Methuselah of a treasure that the sparrows had stolen from the mice.

Shadow steals into the Abbey.

Matthias has a dream in which he hears a voice calling him “Matthias, help, don’t let them take me.” It was the voice of Martin the Warrior.

Matthias observes Shadow stealing the tapestry and tackles him.

Shadow kicks Matthias repeatedly in the head until he blacks out.

Mr. Fieldmouse (Cornflower’s father) grabs Shadow, who in turn stabs Mr. Fieldmouse twice in the shoulder.

Constance injures Shadow who falls off the wall to the ground below.

Cluny takes the tapestry from Shadow’s broken body.

Cluny returns to his army at St. Ninians.

Ragear gets lost in Mossflower woods.

Day 4 - Mr. Fieldmouse survives his attack.

Matthias leaves the Abbey for St. Ninians with plans to recover the tapestry.

Cluny and his horde march towards Redwall, taking the tapestry with them. They attack Redwall.

Ragear observes Matthias in the Woods and decides to follow him. Matthias takes Ragear prisoner, tying him to a sturdy oak.

Matthias meets Basil Stag Hare, who helps him rescue the Vole family. Matthias and Basil battle rats during the escape.

Asmodeus attacks Ragear.

Basil takes the Vole family to his home.

Killconey and another find Ragear’s body being eaten by Asmodeus and flee.

Cluny attempts to gain entrance to the Abbey by climbing the rear wall, but is foiled by Constance. Many are slain, Cluny is injured badly. Cheesethief kills the badly injured weasel, Scragg.

Matthias gets lost in Mossflower. He encounters Silent Sam, who leads him in the direction of Redwall. They witness Cheesthief murdering Scragg as they arrive at Redwall.

Methuselah discovers the rhyme beneath the tapestry.

Day 5 - Sela the vixen is summoned to heal Cluny.

Methuselah shows Matthias the rhyme and they begin to solve the riddle. With the mole crew’shelp, they discover a hidden passageway beneath the stairs that leads to Martin’s tomb. They obtain his shield and belt.

Sela gives her son Chickenhound a note to deliver to Abbot Mortimer. Constance takes the note instead and agrees to meet with Sela.

Basil and the Vole family arrive at Redwall.

Basil gives Silent Sam a dagger.

Methuselah figures out what the threshhold is.

Foremole and Constance help Matthias and Methuselah figure out a part of the riddle.

Chickenhound returns to Sela with Redwall’s response.

Cluny places false plans under his pillow for Sela to steal and supply to Redwall.

Matthias, Methuselah, and Constance see the moon reflect off the shield to the weathervane. They determine that the sword is attached to it.

Day 6 - Jess climbs to the Abbey roof. On the way down, she is attacked by sparrows. Using arrows, Redwallers attempt to scare the sparrows off. By accident, a stray arrow struck one of the sparrows, Warbeak. Constance removes the arrow and places Warbeak in a basket.

Jess reports the sword was not to be found on the weathervane.

Sela goes to meet Abbot Mortimer, but instead meets Constance. The badger steals the plans, injures Sela and kills Redtooth.

Constance delivers the plans of the battering ram to the Abbot.

Sela and Fangburn make up a story to fool Cluny. Cluny sees through the lie, secretly pleased his plans were delivered.

Methuselah tricks Warbeak to reveal that the Bull Sparra has the sword.

Asmodeus finds the body of Redtooth.

Day 7 - Methuselah discovers a route to the Abbey roof from the inside.

Matthias, with Warbeak in tow, begins journeying to the roof.

Warbeak attacks Matthias, but he defends himself. Matthias and Warbeak become friends.

Cluny decides to tunnel into Redwall.

Sela and Chickenhound eavesdrop and are caught. Cluny sentences them to death. Their bodies are dumped into the ditch.

Matthias and Warbeak reach the Abbey attic. Matthias is attacked by Bull Sparra and his court. Matthias is kept prisoner by Warbeak and Dunwing (Warbeak’s mother). (Secretly, they are keeping him from Bull Sparra’s wrath.)

Chickenhound, who survived the rats attack, crawls away in the ditch towards Redwall Abbey.

Chickenhound reaches Redwall. He is taken in and cared for. The fox tells the Abbeydwellers of Cluny’s real plans.

Dunwing takes Matthias to Bull Sparra’s chamber. Matthias sees the scabbard of Martin’s sword.

Bull Sparra forces Matthias to give him the swordbelt.

Day 8 - Jess and Basil leave on a secret mission to recover the tapestry from Cluny.

Basil and Jess recover the tapestry and return it to Redwall.

Dunwing and Warbeak devise a plan to free Matthias.

Warbeak contacts Methuselah to get the Abbeydwellers help in freeing Matthias.

Bull Sparra and his court leave to hunt in Mossflower when he learns that Asmodeus has been spotted. (The sighting was actually a rumor started by Dunwing.)

Matthias recovers the swordbelt and finds the scabbard. He escapes to the Abbeyroof.

Bull Sparra attacks Matthias. They both plummet into the Abbey pond.

Chickenhound awakens and steals items from the Abbey. During his escape, he kills Methuselah while the Recorder was repairing the tapestry.

Chickenhound hides in a hollow tree. He is bitten by Asmodeus.

The Joseph bell rings out a message of sadness to Mossflower.

Matthias and Bull Sparra are found in the Abbey pond. Matthias is still alive and his injuries are immediately treated to.

Warbeak is crowned Queen of the Sparra.

Day 9 - Cluny and his horde march to Redwall.

Matthias dreams of Methuselah, Martin, and Asmodeus.

The Abbot informs Matthias of Methuselah’s death.

Day 10 - Basil tells Matthias of Asmodeus. He gives him a medal awarded to him by Captain Snow.

Matthias sneaks out of Redwall and begins journeying to meet Captain Snow and find Asmodeus.

Redwall is attacked by Cluny’s horde. The horde begins attacking Redwall’s gates with a battering ram.

Cluny’s horde begins tunneling into Redwall.

Matthias encounters Guosim, Log-a-Log, and the Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower.

They agree to accompany him to Captain Snow.

Day 11 - Matthias and the GUOSIM reach the farm. Matthias falls into the mouth of Squire Julian Gingivere.

Squire Julian Gingivere takes Matthias to Captain Snow.

Captain Snow tells Matthias where to find Asmodeus. He also agrees to stop eating the shrews should Matthias slay the adder.

Silent Sam and Jess use a hornet’s nest and oil to render the battering ram useless.

Matthias makes camp by the river.

Day 12 - Cluny’s horde regroups.

The GUOSIM rejoin Matthias by the river, deciding to accompany the mouse to Asmodeus’ lair.

Constance and the solitary beaver begin building their large bow.

Cluny departs into Mossflower to begin constructing a new weapon, leaving Cheesethief in charge.

Matthias and the GUOSIM cross the river.

Cheesethief, dressed up in Cluny’s armor, is slain by Constance’s bow and arrow.

The GUOSIM are attacked by Asmodeus. Mingo is killed and drug off to the adder’s lair.

Cluny takes a family of dormice prisoner.

Cornflower accidentally sets the wooden battle platform of Cluny on fire, saving Redwall from invasion.

Day 13 - Log-a-Log, Guosim, and Matthias find an entrance into the quarry, Asmodeus’ lair. Guosim falls in.

Log-a-Log and Matthias split up to find Guosim and the sword.

Matthias finds Guosim, dead. He enters another tunnel and finds a sleeping Asmodeus and the sword of Martin.

Matthias gets the sword and sneaks out of the tunnel. Log-a-Log runs into Matthias and wakes Asmodeus.

Cluny’s tunnels are completed and ready for use.

Asmodeus pursues Matthias and Log-a-Log.

The Redwallers flood Cluny’s tunnels with boiling water, scalding the vermin inside.

Matthias slays Asmodeus with Martin’s sword.

Matthias returns to the farm to tell Captain Snow of Asmodeus’ demise.

Squire Julian Gingivere and Captain Snow reconcile.

Plumpen, the father of the dormouse family Cluny captured, is taken into Redwall Abbey.

Warbeak meets Matthias on his journey back to Redwall with grave news of Cluny’s plans.

Warbeak returns to Redwall.

Day 14 - Plumpen opens Redwall’s gates, giving Cluny’s horde access to the Abbey.

A battle ensues.

Cluny emerges victorious and takes all the Abbeydwellers prisoner.

Matthias reaches Redwall and, clad in full armor with Martin’s sword, shield, and scabbard, battles Cluny.

The Sparra and GUOSIM flood Redwall, attacking the vermin.

Matthias cuts the Joseph Bell’s rope. The bell falls onto Cluny, killing the warlord.

Redwall wins it’s final battle.

Abbot Mortimer is killed. As his final act, he makes Brother Alf the Abbot, names Matthias Abbey Warrior, and declares that Matthias and Cornflower should be wed. He declares the Sparra and GUOSIM have a home in Redwall. He names the sword of Martin “Ratdeath”.

Unnamed Seasons Later - John Churchmouse becomes Recorder of Redwall Abbey.

One Year After Cluny’s Defeat – Summer of the Talking Squirrel

Silent Sam speaks for the first time.

Matthias and Cornflower have a son named “Matthias Methuselah Mortimer”– Mattimeo, for short.

Basil Stag Hare departs to bring Squire Julian Gingivere and Captain Snow to Redwall.

The Joseph Bell is recast into smaller bells, the Matthias and Methuselah bells.