Salamandastron Timeline

Prologue – Unnamed Season

Old Dumble tells the tale of the war between Urthstripe the Strong, Badger Lord of Salamandastron, and Ferahgo the Assassin and his horde of CorpseMakers to the grandson of Arula.

Past – Unnamed Seasons

Ferahgo the Assassin sets an ambush for the badger Lord of the SouthWestern Lands, Urthound, and his wife, Urthrun. The two badgers are slain by the Assassin and their two babes, Urthstripe and the albino Urthwyte are left to fend for themselves. Urthstripe wanders off. Urthwyte is found by his grandmother, Loambudd and they wander the woodlands.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Loambudd and Urthwyte meet a squirrel named Ashnin, slave of a wandering band of foxes. They defeat the foxes and the trio find the Big Inland Lake and the island in the center of it.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Nordo, son of Log-a-log of the Guosssom, loses the Blackstone of the the Guosssom on the island when a big “Badger Ghost” (Urthwyte) takes it from him.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Old Abbot Saxtus retires (dies?) and Vale becomes Abbess.

Unnamed Seasons Later - The Long Patrol hares of Salamandastron find a young badgermaid on the shores and bring her to Urthstripe, Badger Lord of Salamandastron, who adopts her as his own. She is named Mara.

UK Hardcover Art by Fangorn

UK Hardcover
Art by Fangorn

Five Seasons Later – Day 1 - Mara and her best friend, Pikkle Ffolger, returning to Salamandastron after having left two nights ago, meet a weasel and a ferret; Klitch and Goffa. They join up and accompany Mara on her journey back to Salamandastron. Urthstripe is furious with Mara for bringing vermin back and locks them in their rooms after supper. A fight between the two badgers follows.

Dethbrush the fox and his six tracker rats return to Ferahgo’s camp to report that two deserters, (stoats named Dingeye and Thura) have not been found yet, then they set out again.

At Redwall, a young squirrel named Samkim and his molefriend, Arula, are punished after Samkim shot an apple with his bow and arrows while Faith Spinney was picking it.

Day 2 - Klitch and Goffa are escorted out of Salamandastron. Enraged and furious with Urthstripe, Mara runs away from Salamandastron to join her two newfound friends. Pikkle Ffolger joins her. Lt. Oxeye and Sergeant Sapwood trail the group at Urthstripe’s request.

Dingeye and Thura attempt to sneak into Redwall Abbey with the moles, but are caught by Thrugg the Otter. The two are accepted into the Abbey and are forced to work in the kitchens. Arula and Samkim’s punishment is ended.

Klitch, Mara, Pikkle and Goffa set up camp. Klitch steals away to “scout the land ahead”, but, in fact, meets with his father, Ferahgo the Assassin, who plans on kidnapping the young badger and using her as a hostage to procure the “Badger Treasure” he believes to be in Salamandastron.

Lt. Oxeye leaves Sapwood to inform Urthstripe of Klitch and Ferahgo. Sapwood warns Mara and Pikkle, who run off while Sapwood leads some of the horde in the other direction. Mara and Pikkle take refuge in a small cave.

Samkim has a strange dream of Martin the Warrior and Thrugg finds him conversing with the tapestry.

Day 3 - Mara and Pikkle find out the cave belongs to a lizard named Swinkee. A battle ensues with Mara as the victor. Swinkee loses his tail.

Abbess Vale names the season “Summer of the Lazy Trout” and Nameday Celebrations follow at Redwall. A large storm ruins the festivities. During the storm, lightning strikes the Abbey roof and the sword of Martin falls and embeds itself in the ground mere inches away from Samkim.

Migroo loses his ear to Ferahgo as punishment for not bringing Mara and Pikkle back to him.

Sapwood, having eluded Ferahgo’s horde, returns to Salamandastron and informs Urthstripe of the latest developments. Salamandastron prepares for the weasels arrival.

Day 4 - Dingeye and Thura wake up early and play with the archery equipment still inside the Abbey. They accidentally kill Brother Hal, who comes down the stairs as they fire their arrow. Panicking, they steal the sword of Martin and flee Redwall.

Samkim finds Brother Hal’s body and is accused of murdering the Brother by Friar Bellows.

Samkim is confined to the Infirmary until things are sorted out.

Martin’s sword and the two stoats are found missing. Samkim is cleared.

Brother Hal is buried. During the ceremony, Samkim and Arula sneak out of the Abbey to find the two stoats.

Swinkee agrees to lead Mara and Pikkle to Salamandastron. While they rest, he betrays them to the marshtoads.

Thura dies of Dryditch Fever. Dingeye leaves him behind.

Samkim and Arula meet an old vole named Furgle the Hermit. The trio find Thura’s body Furgle disappears to warn Redwall of Dryditch Fever, which Thura carried into the Abbey.

Many Abbeybeasts become sick with Dryditch.

Mara awakens to find herself and Pikkle as “foodslaves” of the Marshtoads. They are thrown in a pit. Mara meets Nordo, son of Log-a-log of the Guerilla Union of Stream Shrews South of Mossflower.

Samkim and Arula bury Thura. They are attacked by wasps and saved by an old hedgehog named Spriggat.

Ferahgo’s horde arrives at Salamandastron at nightfall.

Dingeye is caught by Dethbrush and his trackers. He is slain and Dethbrush takes Martin’s sword.

Urthstripe learns his destiny on the walls of Salamandastron.

Spriggat finds Dingeyes body while Samkim and Arula camp.

Thrugg departs from Redwall to journey to the mountains of the north and obtain the Icetor Flowers, the only cure for Dryditch fever. Baby Dumble follows him and is attacked by a snake. Thrugg rescues him and allows Dumble to go with him.

Day 5 - Urthstripe and ten Long Patrol hares parlay with Ferahgo. A battle erupts. Urthstripe and the hares retreat to the mountain and block the entrance.

The Guosssom mounts a rescue attempt and Mara, Pikkle, Nordo and all the other foodslaves, are rescued from the marshtoads. King Glagweb is killed.

Samkim, Arula and Spriggat meet three rabbits: Clarence, Clarissa, and their mother. They find the direction the fox and his trackers took and continue on their way.

Thrugg and Dumble are attacked by four foxes. Thrugg defeats them and continues on his journey.

The battle rages on at Salamandastron. Goffa is killed by an arrow from Urthstripe meant for Ferahgo.

Ferahgo forms a plan. His horde attacks the mountain while Farran the Poisoner sneaks into the mountain. Farran kills Windpaw and poisons Salamandastron’s water reserves and food supply.

Shorebuck is killed after eating the poisoned food.

Mara and Pikkle arrive at the home of the Guosssom. A feast is held. Pikkle is challenged to a scoffing contest by the shrew, Tubbgut. Pikkle emerges the victor.

Log-A-Log tells Mara of Nordo losing the Blackstone of the Guosssom and asks for her help in retrieving it since she is a badger like the great ghost on the island. Mara agrees.

Spriggat, Samkim and Arula attack Dethbrush. The fox and his trackers escape. One of the rats is taken prisoner.

Dethbrush attacks rivershrews and steals a logboat. They escape downriver.

The Guosssom set off for the island.

Day 6 - Shorebuck and Windpaw are laid in the bottom caverns of Salamandastron. Farran is herded to those caverns, where Urthstripe waits and forces his poisons down Farran’s throat.

Thrugg and Dumble meet Rocangus the falcon. They bandage his injured wing and he agrees to lead them to the Northern Mountains, where he is from.

Samkim, Arula and Spriggat meet the rivershrews and their chieftan, Alfoh. They give chase after Dethbrush.

The Guosssom are attacked by the Deepcoiler. Tubbgut attempts mutiney and appoints himself the new Log-A-Log of the Guosssom. Log-A-Log battles him and emerges the victor. Tubbgut is tied up pending a judgement when the Guosssom reach land.

Thrugg and the others are attacked by the crows in Crows Pine Grove. They are saved by the Laird Mactalon and his falcons.

Ferahgo and his horde begin tunneling into Salamandastron. When they break through the kitchens, they find Farran’s body. Urthstripe floods the tunnel with boiling water. Ferahgo is injured.

Forgrin and Raptail attempt to murder Ferahgo. The weasel slays them.

Sergeant Sapwood and Big Oxeye are captured by Klitch.

Day 7 - Thrugg and Dumble arrive at the Northern Mountains.

The Guosssom are attacked by the Deepcoiler again. Most survive, but are injured. Mara saves Tubbgut’s life. The shrew pledges to serve Mara.

Big Oxeye and Sergeant Sapwood are tied near the seas tide. Klitch and Ferahgo deliver Urthstripe an ultimatum. Surrender the mountain or the hares die.

The Guosssom arrive at the island in the center of the Big Inland Lake. That night a cry can be heard from an unknown source. “Eulalia!”

Sapwood and Oxeye free themselves. Sapwood drifts out to sea on a piece of wood. Oxeye battles the horde, then, during the confusion, swims upcoast and circles around towards Salamandastron, bringing food with him.

Oxeye reaches Salamandastron.

Day 8 - Thrugg and Dumble climb the Northern Mountains to meet the Wild King MacPhearsome, who guards the only Icetor Flowers. Dumble attacks the King. Amused by the dibbun, MacPhearsome gives Thrugg the Icetor flowers. He flies Dumble and the flowers to Redwall.

Mara, Pikkle and Tubbgut are attacked by Ashnin. Loambudd and Urthwyte, the “ghost”, appear. Urthwyte is pressed to attack the newcomers, but doesn’t. After learning that the Guosssom mean no harm, they are taken to the trios home. There, Loambudd learns of Urthstripe, her grandson that she had assumed was dead. She relates the tale of how Ferahgo slew his parents and left him and his brother, Urthwyte, for dead.

The Guosssom stay with Ashnin, Loambudd and Urthwyte for the night due to a storm. Log-A-Log retrieves the Blackstone and becomes undisputed Log-a-Log of the Guosssom.

The rivershrews catch up to Dethbrush on the Great Inland Lake. A battle ensues, interrupted by the Deepcoiler. Dethbrush and his rats are slain. The Deepcoiler is killed by Martin’s sword, which is embedded into it’s mouth. The sword is lost with the Deepcoiler into the depths of the lake.

Day 9 - Spriggat dies due to wounds taken during the Deepcoilers attack.

Bremmun dies due to Dryditch Fever.

Dumble and King MacPhearsome arrive at Redwall with the Icetor Flowers. All the Abbeybeasts are healed.

The Deepcoiler is found dead on the shores of the island. Mara retrieves Martin’s sword from it’s mouth.

The Guosssom, along with Urthwyte, Loambudd, and Ashinin, set off for Salamandastron to aid Urthstripe against Ferahgo.

The Guosssom come across the watershrews and Alfoh. Mara returns the sword of Martin to Samkim. The group agrees to help the Guosssom against Ferahgo, as well.

Thrugg, journeying back to Redwall with Rocangus and his friends, takes a sidetrip to Crows Pine Grove to pay back the crows for their attack.

Urthstripe is challenged to a duel of leaders. He agrees. Nearly slaying Ferahgo and Klitch, Urthstripe is double-crossed the same way Ferahgo double-crossed his parents, Urthound and Urthrun. Urthstripe is injured badly and is taken back to Salamandastron by Oxeye, the vermin army close on their heels.

The entrance to Salamandastron, unable to be reclosed, is guarded by hares who are fending off the oncoming onslaught of vermin.

The shrew troupe find Sapwood bobbing in the sea. He joins them.

Day 10 - Ferahgo’s horde gains entrance to Salamandastron. Klitch leads an attack from the ground, Ferahgo leads a force to the crater.

The Guosssom, watershrews, Mara, Pikkle, Urthwyte, Loambudd, Ashinin, Samkim, and Arula reach Salamandastron.

Urthwyte, Samkim, Arula, and Alfoh’s tribe climb the mountain to face the vermin in the crater.

Urthstripe awakens and summons up his last vestages of strength. He attacks Ferahgo in the crater and leaps over the side of the mountain. He and Ferahgo tumble down the side of the mountain and die.

With the reinforcements, the Long Patrol hares quickly defeat the vermin. Klitch, eluding the hares, drinks some of the poison water and dies before he finds his way out of Salamandastron.

Day 12 - Urthstripe is buried in “Emllor”, the hiding place of the treasure of Salamandastron.

Thrugg arrives home at Redwall.

Both Samkim and Mara have dreams of Martin the Warrior.

Day 13 - Urthwyte takes his place as Badger Lord of Salamandastron.

Mara and Samkim talk. Mara decides to return to Redwall Abbey with him and become Mother of Redwall.

Unnamed Days Later – Day 1 - MacPhearsome contacts the shrewboats carrying Samkim and Arula back to Redwall. He leads them through tributaries back towards Redwall.

Day 2 - Abbess Vale and Faith Spinney depart to pick violets and saxifrage at St. Ninian’s Church for Brother Hollyberry. They fall asleep while Thrugg pulls them in a cart to the church.

Vale and Faith awaken to find them well past Ninian’s. They question Thrugg, but are interupted when they hear singing. Samkim, Arula and the Guosssom march up the path to the Abbess. Overjoyed to see Samkim and Arula again, the Abbess and Faith have Thrugg take them back to the Abbey to prepare a feast for the squirrel and mole’s return.

Vale and Faith are locked out of the Abbey.

Samkim, Arula, and the Guosssom arrive at the Abbey to find Vale and Mrs. Spinney still waiting at the door. When Mara calls out, the door opens and the Nameday feast lays out prepared for them all.

Vale names the season “Autumn of the Homecomers”.

Mara becomes Badger Mother of Redwall Abbey.

Rocangus wing is healed.

Day 3 - King MacPhearsome returns Martin’s sword to the weathervane atop of the Abbey.