The Redwall Chronology

Unnamed Season -

Lord Brocktree leaves Brockhall and goes questing to Salamandastron.

Unnamed Autumn

Boar leaves Mossflower to travel to Salamandastron.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Martin is born.

Martin’s mother dies.

Four Seasons Later - Luke and his tribe capture a searat galley. Luke gives Martin his sword and charges him to protect the caves. Martin takes the oath of a Warrior. Luke sets off on his voyage to fight against searats.

Unnamed Seasons Later Sunflash is born.

Wildcats arrive in Mossflower.

Barkstripe leads an attack against the wildcats, but is slain. Bella becomes ill with grief.

Swartt Sixclaw enlists in Bowfleg, the ferret Warlord’s horde.

Swartt deserts the horde for a more promising horizon, feeling superior to Bowfleg.

Sunflash leaves Mossflower to avenge his father, but never returns.

A young male badger is found and captured by Swartt and his band of vermin.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Martin wanders far away from the tribe’s caves to chop firewood. He and his grandmother, Windred, are captured by Badrang the Tyrant and Badrang takes his sword.

Two Seasons Later - Windred dies under the hardships of slave life.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Brome leaves Noonvale after an argument with his father, Urran Voh. Laterose sets out after him later with Grumm Trencher.

One Season Later – Day 1 - Martin is tied to two poles on the walls of Marshank. He swears vengeance against Badrang.

Laterose and Grumm arrive outside Marshank and promise to help the warrior survive.

Day 2 - Martin is thrown into the prison pit with Felldoh the squirrel and Brome.

Cap’n Tramun Clogg and the Seascarab arrive at Marshank.

Keyla the Otter makes initial contact with Laterose and begins plans with Martin to free the three in the prison pit.

Clogg departs from Marshank.

Day 3 - Grumm tunnels into the prison pit and the three slaves escape from Marshank.

Cap’n Clogg and his crew return to Marshank in longboats and begin attacking it.

Day 4 - Midnight: Badrang’s soldiers burn and scupper the Seascarab and render the longboats useless.

Martin, Laterose, Felldoh, Brome and Grumm steal one of the longboats, unaware of their state, and escape from Marshank via the sea. The boat begins to sink and a large fish attacks them. The group is separated; Martin, Laterose and Grumm in one group, Felldoh and Brome in another.

Day 5 - Martin, Laterose and Grumm washed ashore north of Marshank. They are captured by a tribe of pigmy shrews and forced to play nursemaid to their “Squidjees” (dibbuns). They meet Pallum, a kind hedgehog.

Brome and Felldoh wash ashore south of Marshank and meet the Rambling Rosehip Players. (Ballaw, Rowanoak, Celandine, Trefoil, Gauchee, Kastern, and Buckler)

Day 6 - Badrang and Clogg form an alliance.

Martin and the others gain their freedom from the pigmy shrews after he rescues the Queen’s son, Dinjer, from a large Gannet.

Day 7 - Martin and the others meet Polleekin, a wise old molemaid. She gives them some cryptic directions to Noonvale and warns them that hardships await if they return to Marshank.

The Rosehip Players con their way into Marshank and rescue half of the slaves. Felldoh slays the traitor, Druwp.

Celandine goes missing after tripping during the escape.

Day 8 - Martin, Laterose, Grumm and Pallum meet the Mirdop family. After having some tea, they enter the swamplands and camp for a night. They are captured by cannibal lizards while they sleep.

Celandine is chased by Tramun Clogg and his crew. She is rescued by Felldoh, Ballaw and Rowanoak.

Brome disguises himself as a rat named Bucktail and steals into Marshank.

Day 9 - Martin and his friends are rescued from the cannibal lizards by the Warden of Marshwood Hill, a great heron. He begins leading them to the end of the marshes.

Disguised as Bucktail, Brome frees the remaining slaves of Marshank by leading them to safety via the tunnel into the slave pit.

A battle ensues between the freed slaves and Badrang’s forces. The slaves escape with minor casualties.

Tramun Clogg seizes control of Marshank while Badrang is away.

The freed slaves hold a feast to celebrate. Brome and Felldoh leave the festivities and make a false trail that leads Badrang’s trackers into the swamplands. Felldoh slays five of the ten.

Day 10 - Martin saves the Warden’s life. He thanks them and leaves them when they reach Boldred’s Mountain. The group encounters the Gawtrybe, a band of savage squirrels, for the first time.

Badrang’s forces gain entrance to Marshank through the slave tunnel in the prison pit.

Clogg’s crew swears allegiance to Badrang. Clogg is made a slave.

The freed slaves begin training with weapons for the prospect of war with Marshank.

Felldoh leads an attack against Marshank. Juniper dies.

Day 11 - They begin to travel up the mountain, heading for Boldred’s cave. Martin is forced to fight the chief of the Gawtrybe, Wakka. Martin wins the fight and they continue up the mountain. They are later stopped again by the Gawtrybe, who wish to play a deadly “game” with the travelers. Being surrounded, Martin agrees only if they give them a head start. Climbing the mountain and not bothering to signal the Gawtrybe, the savages realize they’ve been cheated and begin to give chase. The group reaches Boldred’s cave just as the Gawtrybe catches up to them. Boldred, an owl, intervenes and punishes the Gawtrybe for interfering with the travelers journey.

Martin and the others meet Hortwingle and Emalet, Boldred’s husband, and eggchick. Boldred agrees to lead them to Noonvale.

Juniper is buried.

Day 12 - Martin and the others reach the Cherry Orchard and meet Aggril, an old, eccentric hedgehog. He puts them to sleep using a potion, believing the Cherry Trees belong to him.

Day 13 - Martin, Laterose and the others awake on an otter boat, bound to meet with the shrew’s who will take them directly to Noonvale. They board the shrew boats and set off for Noonvale.

Day 14 - Martin, Laterose, Grumm and Pallum arrive at Noonvale. They attend a feast honoring the return of Laterose.

Felldoh attacks Marshank by himself and nearly slays Badrang.

The Rambling Rosehip Players put on a show for the freed slaves.

Day 15 - Felldoh sets off for Marshank. Brome, Keyla, and Tullgrew follow him. Felldoh goads Badrang into a duel. He beats the stoat with his javelin, much the way Badrang beat slaves, and Badrang’s horde slays Felldoh, who takes many of them with him.

Keyla returns to camp to get reinforcements.

Martin helps the moles uproot a dead sycamore tree. A picnic is held celebrating the completion of the task.

Boldred arrives during the picnic with grave news of Marshank and their friends. Sixteen Noonvale residents volunteer to accompany Martin, Laterose, Grumm, and Pallum to Marshank.

They set out for the river to rendezvous with the otter boats and travel down river to Marshank.

Many other beasts, including hedgehogs and shrews, join the otter boats.

Boldred flies off to rouse other help.

The Fur ‘n’ Freedom Fighters arrive at Marshank and begin attacking the fortress.

Day 16 - Martin and his army, consisting of the otters, hedgehogs, shrews, pigmy shrews, Gawtrybe, Boldred and the Warden of Marshwood Hill, arrive at Marshank and relieve the weary Fur ‘n’ Freedom Fighters.

Battle ensues. The new force gains entrance to Marshank.

Laterose is killed by Badrang.

Martin slays the Tyrant and retrieves his father’s sword. He grieves for Laterose.

Day 17 - Aftermath of the Battle of Marshank.

The Fur ‘n’ Freedom Fighters journey for Noonvale. All except Rowanoak, Grumm, and Pallum, who take the wounded Martin to Polleekin to heal.

Brome takes Rose’s body to be buried in Noonvale.

Tramun Clogg emerges from a grave he had dug once they all have left and begins talking to Badrang’s body like a madbeast.

One Season Later - Martin decides to leave Polleekin’s house and journey south, unable to return to Noonvale and the memories it holds. He vows never to speak of Noonvale or of Marshank, lest he unknowingly send evil beasts there. Saying his goodbyes, he sets off south to new adventures.

Unnamed Seasons Later -

Log-a-Log and his shrews were captured by Ripfang.

Log-a-Log escapes.

Four Seasons Later

Day 1 - Ben Stickle, his wife Goody, and their four children (Ferdy, Coggs, Posy and Spike) leave the fortress Kotir and spend the night in a temporary shelter in Mossflower.

Martin the Warrior is captured. He faces Verdauga Greeneyes, ruler of Kotir and is sent to the dungeons. His sword is broken in a rage by Tsarmina, daughter of Verdauga. He vows vengeance against Tsarmina before being thrown in the dungeon.

Day 2 - Verdauga is poisoned by Tsarmina and the healer vixen, Fortunata. Gingivere (Tsarmina’s brother) is framed and thrown in the dungeon. Tsarmina declares herself Queen.

One Season Later – Unnamed Spring -

Day 1 - Gonff the Mousethief is caught stealing from Kotir and thrown in prison w/ Martin. He relates the story of Mossflower’s enslavement.

CORIM (Council of Resistance in Mossflower) learns of Gonff’s imprisonment and plans a rescue.

Gonff and Martin receive rescue plans.

Day 2 - Loamhedge mice, lead by Abbess Germaine, arrive in Mossflower.

Martin and Gonff escape Kotir and are brought to Camp Willow.

The otter’s pike, Stormfin, defeats Tsarmina’s water rat, Gloomer.

CORIM enlists the help of Chibb the robin to spy on Kotir.

Day 3 - Ferdy and Coggs Stickle are captured and imprisoned at Kotir where they meet Gingivere.

Woodlanders gather in Bella’s ancient home, Brockhall, for safety.

Bella, Martin, Gonff, and Young Dinny the mole figure out clues to find the mountain stronghold of Salamandastron.

Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief, and Young Dinny the mole set out for Salamandastron on a quest to find Boar the Fighter, Bella’s father. They are pursued by three Kotir soldiers: Scratch, Splitnose, and Blacktooth.

CORIM brings food to Gingivere, Ferdy and Coggs. They are attacked by Kotir soldiers.

Day 4 - Ferdy and Coggs are hidden in Gingivere’s cell.

Day 5 - Skipper enlists the help of his brother, the Mask, to free Gingivere, Ferdy, and Coggs.

Martin, Gonff, and Dinny encounter swans on a pond.

Martin, Gonff, and Dinny escape the swans without harm. Scratch is killed while trying to steal the swan’s eggs.

The Mask, disguised as a fox called Patchcoat, makes contact with a spy of Tsarmina’s: Fortunata the vixen, disguised as Besomtail. Fortunata is killed. The Mask, still disguised as Patchcoat, gets into Kotir and frees Gingivere, Ferdy, and Coggs. He is killed in the escape.

Later that evening, Splitnose and Blacktooth are killed in an attempt to capture Martin, Dinny, and Gonff.

Day 6 - Martin, Dinny, and Gonff meet Log-a-Log Big Club. They drive off a snake and a newt known as Deathcoil and Whipscale.

Using Log-a-Log’s ship, the Waterwing, they sail down the Great South Stream. The ship is destroyed over a waterfall. Gonff is lost. Martin, Dinny, and Log-a-Log are rescued by bats and taken to Bat Mountpit.

Dinny rids the bats of an owl.

CORIM decides on a plan to defeat Kotir: tunnel into the fortress and flood it with waters from the River Moss.

Day 7 - Martin, Dinny and Log-a-Log leave Bat Mountpit. They are captured by toads who throw them into the “Screamhole” with Snakefish, a giant eel. They are reunited with Gonff. They escape and free the Snakefish. Salamandastron is sighted in the distance.

Gingivere leaves Brockhall.

Tunneling begins.

Bane the fox, with his band of 60 mercenaries, arrives at Kotir. He strikes a deal with Tsarmina.

Day 8 - Martin, Dinny, Gonff, and Log-a-Log fight off seagulls at the beach.

Gonff “dances” with a crab.

Martin, Dinny, Gonff, and Log-a-Log find an old rat dead on the beach and thankfully take his supplies after they bury him.

Otters, squirrels, and moles are attacked at the tunnel sight. Soilflyer, Urthclaw, and Diggum are trapped in the tunnels.

Day 9 - Bella searches for another place, should Brockhall be discovered, and sees Gingivere and meets his wife, Sandingomm.

Soilflyer, Urthclaw, and Billum are rescued.

Squirrels and otters retaliate and trap the soldiers of Kotir in their own fortress.

Martin, Dinny, Gonff, and Log-a-Log are met by three hares; Trubbs, Wother, and Ffring. They are taken to Salamandastron and meet Boar the Fighter.

Day 10 - Boar shows Martin the writings on the wall at Salamandastron. Martin’s sword is reforged with the metal from a fallen star. Boar, Martin, and others (Gonff, Dinny, Log-a-Log, Trubbs, Wother, Ffring, Harebell, Honeydew, and Willow) battle Ripfang the searat’s crew. Boar is killed.

Martin and the others capture Ripfang’s ship, the Bloodwake.

Bane is killed by Argulor the eagle.

Flooding of Kotir begins.

Day 11 - Martin is reunited with an old friend, Timballisto, who was an oarslave.

Bloodwake is renamed Wuddshipp.

Log-a-Log and other shrew captives are reunited with their tribe.

Day 12 - Martin, Dinny, and Goff sail into Camp Willow.

Martin promises to free Mossflower.

Day 13 - Columbine and Abbess Germaine take the little ones to stay with Gingivere and Sandingomm for safety.

Leaders of the CORIM deliver an ultimatum to Tsarmina: leave Kotir by sunset or die. Tsarmina refuses. Martin is shot in the side with an arrow.

Wuddshipp is sunk to dam the River Moss and the tunnels to Kotir are flooded.

Day 14 - Kotir attacked, woodlanders win.

Martin battles Tsarmina.

Tsarmina drowns.

Martin found unconcious and at Dark Forest gates. He is kept alive by Goody Stickle until the Abbess can be brought.

Day 15 - Bella brings Abbess Germaine to save Martin’s life.

Day 16 - Kotir captives are sent away, making the promise to never carry a weapon or step foot in Mossflower again.

Unnamed Days Later - Gonff marries Columbine.

Day 36 - Martin awakes

Unnamed Seasons Later -

Construction of Redwall begins.

Unnamed Seasons Later - The lake where Castle Kotir once stood dries up due to a drought that lasts three seasons. The surrounding swamplands turn into firm ground. All that remains is a small pond, which later becomes the Abbey pond. The south part of Redwall is built over Kotir.

Unnamed Seasons Later - 

Sister (Abbess) Germaine translates Martin the Warrior’s Abbey blueprints.

Unnamed Days/Seasons Later – Day 1 - Skarlath the kestrel (previously pinioned to a tree by snow and ice) and the badger escape from Swartt Sixclaw. Sixclaw vows to find and slay them one day.

Day 2 - The badger is renamed “Sunflash the Mace” by his newfound friend.

Skarlath and Sunflash come upon the cave of Tirry Lingl the hedgehog, Bruff Dubbo the mole, and their families.

The two families offer the hospitality of their home to Sunflash and Skarlath, who dealt with a number of foxes plaguing them.

Three Seasons Later – Day 1 - Swartt returns to Bowfleg’s camp, offering him gifts, two of which are a flagon of rare wine and a chalice lined with poison.

Day 2 - Nightshade the Seer arrives at Lord Bowfleg’s camp to find the old ferret dead in his tent and, as planned, “foresees” that Swartt should become Warlord of Bowfleg’s now “leaderless” horde.

Swartt becomes their new commander. They embark from the wastelands.

Three Seasons Later – Day 1 - Sunflash saves Gurmil and Tirg Lingl, hogbabes, from two adders but he is bitten in the process. He loses consciousness.

Day 2 - Nightshade returns with evidence of lush land to the southwest.

Day 3 - Swartt and his army set off for the southwest. They are observed by Krakulat (whose mother was slain by Nightshade and her protectors) and his crow spies.

Days 4-6 - Sunflash receives a vision of his father, Barkstripe, his grandsire, Boar the Fighter, and his great grandsire, Lord Brocktree, refusing him entrance to Dark Forest. Bella, Sunflash’s mother, appears to him in a dream. He is informed of Salamandastron and it’s need for a Badger Lord.

Elmjak treats Sunflash’s fever.

Sunflash awakens.

Day 7 - Sunflash departs from the Lingl-Dubbo cave.

Upon entering a swamp, Sunflash is tricked by Smerc the newt and is trapped in the center of the swamp. Skarlath rescues him. They meet Folrig and Ruddle the otters.

Sunflash and the two otters set off together toward the sea and Salamandastron.

Krakulat and the Crow Brethren strike at Swartt’s camp, but are thwarted.

Swartt meets Shang Damsontongue, the fox.

Sunflash, Folrig, and Ruddle meet Log-a-Log and his shrews, whose children were stolen by Warpclaw the Corsair searat. Sunflash agrees to help.

Day 8 - Sunflash, the otters, and the shrews rescue the shrewbabes from the searats.

A confrontation between Balefur the fox and Swartt takes place.

Days 9-11 - Balefur gains more notoriety amongst the hordebeasts and often opposes Swartt, but Sixclaw won’t challenge him for fear of losing.

Nightshade returns with news of a river to the west and a snake-filled quarry to the southeast.

Day 12 - Nightshade convinces Balefur that she has betrayed Swartt. She tells Balefur of treasure hidden in the quarry.

Balefur, with two other foxes, depart to find it. They arrive at the quarry and are trapped by a nest of adders.

Days 13-39 - Sunflash travels towards Salamandastron.

Bella of Brockhall tells the story of the liberation of Mossflower to young Gonff, grandson of Gonff the mousethief and Columbine.

Sunflash the Mace arrives at Salamandastron.

One Season Later - Bluefen, wife of Swartt, gives birth to a ferretbabe and dies shortly thereafter.

One Season Later – Day 1 - Skarlath arrives at Redwall with news of Swartt and his horde headed straight toward the Abbey. The feast of the Redwall Heroes is held.

Day 2 - Swartt is ambushed by a small army of woodlanders led by Redfarl and Sumin the squirrels, Skipperjo the otter, and Jodd the hare.

The ferretbabe is found on the ground and it is decided that it should be taken to Redwall when they return.

Day 3 - The woodlander army returns to the Abbey.

Bryony adopts Veil, the ferretbabe, as her responsibility.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Swartt encounters and battles a group of marsh toads and reptiles. His horde is the victorious party, but is severely depleted.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Captain Zigu the Corsair ferret and his crew join forces with Swartt, strengthening the horde once more.

Unnamed Seasons Later – Day 1 - Swartt arrives at Salamandastron.

Days 2-5 - Skarlath departs and searches for help in Mossflower.

Day 6 - Myrtle the hogwife is poisoned.

The Redwallers plan a trap for the culprit.

Day 7 - Veil is caught as the culprit and is held prisoner.

Day 8 - Swartt begins his assault on Salamandastron.

Sabretache, the Long Patrol Captain, challenges Zigu and defeats him. Log-a-log and his shrews, Folrig, Ruddle, and Firdance the squirrel, as well as an army of otters and squirrels arrive at Salamandastron to help.

Wudbeak, the owl, arrives at Redwall with news of Swartt Sixclaw attacking Salamandastron and Skarlath searching for otters and squirrels to assist.

Veil is declared an Outcast for nearly killing Myrtle and is exiled from the Abbey.

Days 9-10 - Bryony leaves Redwall in search of Veil, followed by Togget the mole.

Togget catches up with Bryony and they set off together.

Veil is captured by Brool and Renn, two foxes.

Day 11 - Bryony and Togget rescue Veil from the foxes.

Veil runs away and continues toward Salamandastron, heading downstream on a floating log.

Duddle and Tutty Pollspike, the hedgehogs, meet Bryony and Togget and agree to take them toward the sea on their raft-like vessel. The river that Veil’s log flows on branches off into a dangerous slipstream ending in a waterfall, which he follows absently while asleep.

Wraith, a mottled, nearly invisible, weasel gains entrance into Salamandastron but is hit accidentally by an “otter rockcream cake” thrown by Porty the hare. He falls out a window and perishes.

Sunflash stages a major assault on Swartt and his horde. Combat follows. Swartt retreats in defeat.

Day 12 - Sunflash and Skarlath set out to find Swartt.

Bryony and Co. find out about Veil’s predicament from Ilfril, an ill-tempered bankvole, and they part waysÑBryony and Togget following the slipstream and Veil, while the Pollspikes continue downstream.

When Bryony and Togget arrive at the waterfall and try to climb down the sheer rockface, the falls catch them and throw them down.

Skarlath dies from a poison-tipped arrow shot by Nightshade.

Sunflash slays Nightshade.

Day 13 - Bryony and Togget find Veil who traps them in a tunnel.

Veil meets his father, Swartt, who is being pursued by Sunflash and the Long Patrol hares.

Sunflash finds Bryony and Togget and releases them.

The inhabitants of the mountain attack Swartt and his forces. Lord Duskskin, leader of Bat Mountpit is injured.

Bryony treats his wounds and Duskskin guides Sunflash to the top of the mountain where Swartt stands, battling the bats.

Swartt captures Sunflash.

Bryony attempts to set Sunflash free, but is intercepted by Swartt.

Veil jumps in front of a javelin intended for Bryony.

Sunflash breaks free of his restraints and slays Swartt.

Veil dies.

Days 14-17 - Wounds are tended and the dead are buried by the shores of Bat Mountpit.

Sunflash decides to follow Bryony and Togget back to Redwall so he may finally meet his mother, Bella.

Days 18-21 - Rockleg, Fleetrun, Sunflash, Bryony, and Togget travel eastward, toward the river, where they meet with they Pollspikes once again. They set off toward Redwall Abbey.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Sumin returns to Redwall from the battle at Salamandastron, informing all the Abbeybeasts about the great victory.

One Day Later - A huge feast is prepared in anticipation of the honored guests.

The Pollspikes’ raft arrives near Redwall, met by the woodlanders, the Lingl-Dubbo families, and Elmjak, the squirrel.

Mother meets son as Sunflash enters Redwall, celebrating with Bella and the whole Abbey for the joyous day.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Bryony becomes Abbess.

Unnamed Seasons Later – Autumn - Rillbrook the Wanderer relates a tale to a harewife and her leverets from Salamandastron.

Unnamed Season

- Three Long Patrol hares (Sergeant Learunner, Crocus, and Gorsepaw) are murdered by the searat king, Gabool the Wild. Their bodies are found washed up by the tide by Lord Rawnblade Widestripe.

Unnamed Summer - Lorquin Woodsorrel visits Redwall Abbey with his son, Tarquin, for Abbot Thomas’ Jubilee Feast.

Unnamed Winter - Fieldroan the Traveler stays at Redwall for a winter. He leaves some scrolls under the care of the Abbey Recorder, Brother Hubert.

Unnamed Summer - Joseph the Bellmaker and his daughter, Mariel, set sail from the far south for Salamandastron to deliver a great bell to the badger Lord Rawnblade Widestripe on the ship Periwinkle

Unnamed Days Later (mid-summer) - Periwinkle (Captain Ash) attacked by the searat vessel Darkqueen (Captain Saltar). Joseph and Mariel (along with the bell) are taken back to Terramort Isle, ruled by Gabool the Wild. Jospeh is thrown into the dungeon and Mariel is forced to serve Gabool his meals.

Periwinkle is renamed Crabclaw.

Unnamed Autumn - The tapestry of Martin the Warrior is begun at Redwall Abbey


Unnamed Summer – Day 1 - Mariel runs afoul of Gabool and is thrown into the stormy sea

Day 2 - Gabool kills the searat Halfnose for touching the great bell. He also kills Captain Bludrigg of the Greenfang, promoting Garrtail to Captain.

- Gabool speaks to Joseph in an attempt to get him to build a belltower. Joseph refuses, but reads an inscription on the bell on the false promise that he would see his daughter. Gabool pushes him out the window into the sea.

- Mariel washes up on the beach with no memory and fends off seabirds with a knotted rope she names Gullwhacker. She names herself Storm.

- Captain Saltar of the Darkqueen learns of his brother, Bludrigg’s, murder and swears vengeance. Darkqueen sights Terramort.

Day 3 - Storm (Mariel) rescued from toads by Salamandastron hares of the Long Patrol: Colonel Meadowclary (Clary), Brigadier Thyme (Brig Thyme) and the Honorable Rosemary (Hon Rosie). They take Storm (Mariel) to meet Pakatugg Treefleet

- Saxtus of Redwall recites Mariel’s Legend

Darkqueen reaches Terramort. Saltar leaves the ship, and Graypatch (with fivescore searats) steals it to escape Gabool’s madness.

- Gabool kills Saltar. He gives orders to Riptung, Catseyes, and Grimtooth to fix the ships Nightwake, Seatalon, and Crabclaw and then to pursue the Darkqueen.

Day 4 - Storm and Pakatugg leave for Redwall. Storm leaves Pakatugg and meets Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel (Tarquin). They head to Redwall together.

Day 5 - Abbot’s Jubilee Feast at Redwall.

- Storm and Tarquin arrive at Redwall. Storm passes out after hearing Saxtus recite “Mariel’s Legend” at the feast.

- Sister Sage performs a type of regression hypnosis on Storm, to learn her story.

Waveblade (Captain Orgeye), Blacksail (Hookfin), Rathelm (Flogga), andGreenfang (Garrtail) arrive at Terramort.

Day 6 - Graypatch pulls the Darkqueen into the River Moss. Greenfang catches up to Darkqueen and the crew of the Darkqueen slaughters the entire crew of theGreenfang. The mast of the Greenfang is then burned.

- Simeon, Brother Hubert, Saxtus, Mariel, and Dandin search for directions to Terramort so Mariel can rescue her father. They find a riddle and Mariel swears to kill Gabool.

- Simeon is visited by Martin the Warrior who tells him that Dandin must travel with Mariel. Simeon, directed by Martin the Warrior, lays his fabled sword by the sleeping Dandin.

Day 7 - Graypatch sends a patrol (Frink, Deadglim, Ringtail, Lardgutt, Ranzo, and Dripnose) to scout the area. Pakatugg follows (and harasses) them anonymously and then is captured.

- Lord Rawnblade sends Clary, Thyme, and Rosie to investigate the ships (theDarkqueen and the Greenfang) up north. They battle the toads they had rescued Mariel from and win.

- Rawnblade forges a spear.

- Mariel leaves Redwall without telling anyone and swears to return someday. She comes upon Tarquin, Dandin, and Durry Quill, who have followed her. Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry tie up the heron Irktaan and cross a ford.

Waveblade (Captain Orgeye) arrives at Terramort and leaves immediatly after a request for supplies is denied by a raging Gabool.

Day 8 - Mariel is frightened by a storm (reminded of the night she was thrown into the sea by Gabool). They are attacked by an adder from which they escape.

- Pakatugg leads Graypatch to Redwall.

Day 9 - Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry are captured by Flitchaye. They are rescued by Stonehead McGurney who takes them to his home. They spend the night.

- Flagg the otter discovers Graypatch outside the Abbey. After sparring verbally with the leaders of the Abbey, Graypatch declares war.

- Clary, Thyme, and Rosie discover Pakatugg’s home empty. They come upon theDarkqueen and remove its rudder making it unseaworthy.

- Bigfang challenges Graypatch, then takes the crew back to the Darkqueenwithout him and a rat named Fishgill. They reach the ship and two are slain by the Long Patrol hares. They return to Graypatch at the Abbey.

- Graypatch launches an attack against the Abbey, but retreats.

- The Waveblade runs aground on the reefs near Salamandastron. Rawnblade boards and slaughters the crew with the Bloodwrath, then falls asleep and the ship sails away.

Day 10 - Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin and Durry leave the McGurney home and travel to the Swampdark. Dandin falls into the swamp and is rescued by his companions, aided by the spirit of Martin the Warrior. Mariel then bluffs their way through scores of newts/lizards. They reach the sea and meet Bobbo. They stay the night at his house.

- Graypatch attacks the Abbey with fireswingers.

- Clary, Thyme, and Rosie arrive at the Abbey.

Day 11 - Bobbo leads Mariel and her companions to the place where a metal swallow that is mentioned in their direction rhyme lies. They retrieve the swallow from the deep pool, discovering it is a compass. Bobbo tells them of a ship not far away wihout mast or sails that they can sail with (the Greenfang).

- Clary teaches Flagg and the badger mother, Mellus, to fire longbows.

Day 12 - Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry sail the Greenfang northwest. Later, in heavy fog, it is hit mid-ship by the Seatalon and destroyed. Mariel and Tarquin are thrown into the sea, Dandin and Durry are rescued and chained as oarslaves in the Seatalon’s hold.

- Tarquin and Mariel are rescued by Rawnblade aboard the Waveblade.

- Captain Catseyes takes Dandin’s sword.

- The Seatalon reaches Terramort. Dandin, Durry, and the rest of the oarslaves are freed by Joseph and his band. Joseph slays Captain Catseyes. They are taken to the TRAG (Terramort Resistance Against Gabool) hideout.

Rathelm arrives at Terramort. Captain Flogga is killed by the scorpion, Skrablagg, when Gabool (who is insane) thinks he is Graypatch.

Day 13 - Clary, Rosie, Thyme, Foremole, Dan’l, Groaby, and Buxton free 6 more oarslaves.

Nightwake, Crabclaw, Blacksail, and Waveblade reach Terramort. TRAG warriors steal the Nightwake, Crabclaw, and Blacksail when the captains are ashore.

- Mariel, Tarquin, and Rawnblade are taken to the TRAG hideout. Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin, and Durry are reunited. Mariel is also reunited with her father.

- TRAG attacks Fort Bladegirt and triumphs. Gabool is killed by the scorpion, Skrablagg.

Day 14 - Graypatch slays Bigfang.

- Oak Tom arrives at Redwall with news that Graypatch’s crew has built a cage for the oarslaves.

- (Night) The last 12 oarslaves are freed by Clary, Rosie, and Thyme. They are escorted back to Redwall by the squirrels, Rufe Brush, Oak Tom, and Treerose. Pakatugg remains behind to battle the searats. Clary, Thyme, and Pakatugg are killed. Rosie escapes, badly wounded.

- TRAG warriors set sail for Mossflower. The Waveblade is renamed Gabriel, theBlacksail renamed Hon Rosie, the Nightwake renamed Abbot Bernard and theCrabclaw is restored to its original name, Periwinkle.

Day 15 - Flagg and Mellus find the terribly wounded Rosie and take her back to the Abbey.

- The crew of the Darkqueen, reduced to 18, attempts to return to the ship. Remaining crewmembers are slain and/or captured by various things. Graypatch is slain by Oak Tom.

Unnamed Days Later (Autumn) - TRAG arrives at Redwall.

Unnamed Days (Seasons?) Later - The great bell is hung at Redwall as it’s inscription that could only be understood by a badger Lord said. It is named the Joseph Bell.

- Mariel and Dandin leave Redwall to travel.

- Tarquin marries Rosie and they have 12 leverets. They begin the Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol.

- Oak Tom and Treerose are married.

- Saxtus becomes Abbott.

- Rufe Brush attaches the sword of Martin to the weathervane at the top of the Abbey during the Bell-raising feast.

Unnamed Seasons Later

Finnbar Galedeep’s family is murdered by searats. The Pearl Queen is stolen from him by Cap’n Slipp and his brother, Strapp.

Unnamed Seasons Later - A fox find a dead wolf, skins him and takes his name, becoming the Urgan Nagru.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Urgan Nagru and SIlvamord’s horde leaves the icy Northlands to find warmer lands of conquest.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Urgan Nagru and SIlvamord arrive in Southsward.

Unnamed Days Later - Rab Streambattle takes his otter guard from Castle Floret after Gael Squirrelking refuses to listen to him.

Two Days Later - Urgan Nagru and Silvamord seize control of Southsward, imprisoning Gael Squirrelking and his family. Southswarders go into hiding.

Unnamed Days Later - A hedgehog named Burrom takes a young squirrel named Benjy, a young mousemaid named Wincey, and a young ottermaid named Figgs. They flee from Southsward and make their home on the Isle of Wrecked Ships.

Unnamed Days Later - Burrom is injured and dies.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Bowly Pintips is kidnapped by the slavers, Spurge and Agric, and is forced to serve them.

Unnamed Seasons Later – (Four Seasons after Mariel left Redwall)

Day 1 - Joseph the Bellmaker dreams of Martin the Warrior who gives him a message.

Day 2 - Joseph remembers what Martin told him and recites a poem of Southsward’s plight.

Day 3 - The Redwallers decide Martin’s message means Joseph, Hon Rosie, Durry Quill, Rufe Brush, and Foremole should leave for Southsward.

Day 4 - The Guosim set off to take Joseph, Rosie, Durry, Rufe, and Foremole to the seashore.

Day 6 - Mariel and Dandin arrive in Southsward. They meet Bowly Pintips during his escape attempt and become friends.

The Guosim arrive at the seashore where they meet Finnbarr Galedeep, an old friend of Log-a-Log.

Finnbarr, with the help of the Guosim and Redwallers, steals back the Pearl Queen while the crew was celebrating on Cap’n Strapp’s ship. They set off to find the Roaringburn, with Strapp close on their heels.

Day 7 - Blaggut, former boatswain of the Pearl Queen, is reunited with Cap’n Slipp when he rows ashore on a small boat. Slipp orders Blaggut to take them to a stream (The River Moss) to take them inland.

Mariel, Dandin and Bowly teach the slavers a lesson.

Rab Streambattle helps Gael Squirrelking and his family escape Castle Floret. Gael is captured again, but Queen Serena and Truffen get away.

Rab and the badger nursemaid seemingly perish holding the forces of the Foxwolf at bay while the Queen escapes.

The Pearl Queen and Shalloo reach the Green Maelstrom. The Shalloo is lost to the whirlpool. The Pearl Queen is swept into the Roaringburn.

The Pearl Queen hits a rock which breaks a hole in the hull.

The mousebabe and Furrtil get lost while playing in Mossflower Woods. Redwallers begin searching for them.

Mariel, Dandin, and Bowly save the mole, Furpp, and his family from some of Nagru’s horde. During a battle, they are saved by Field Marshal Meldrum Fallowthorn and his nephews. They all retire to Furpp’s hidden dwelling and learn of Nagru’s tyranny.

Slipp and Blaggut reach Mossflower Woods.

Rosie and Durry are swept overboard in a storm and lost at sea.

Day 8 - Blaggut and Slipp find the missing Dibbuns. They are later found by Oak Tom and his wife, Treerose, and taken back to Redwall. Blaggut and Slipp pretend to be a carpenter and a cook to be allowed to stay at Redwall. Secretly, they plan to find the “hidden treasure” of the Abbey.

Rufe Brush begins to develop a deep friendship with the Guosim shrew, Fatch.

Urgan Nagru uses his Dirgecallers to track the otters aiding Queen Serena.

The Pearl Queen is beached in toadlands. They are attacked by masses of toads, but are spared when Hon Rosie and Durry intercede. The two had fallen and saved the toad kings life and were considered “Bulgums” (gods/creatures of magic).

Mariel, Dandin and Meldrum battle Nagru’s forces and kill his Dirgecallers, allowing Serena to escape. The trio are captured by a furious Nagru, however.

Finnbarr repairs the hole in the Pearl Queen. 

The Pearl Queen escapes the toads, who wished to have Rosie and Durry stay with them forever.

Day 9 - The Pearl Queen is attacked by sharks. It’s tiller is damaged.

The “Phantom” (Simeon) begins trailing Slipp and Blaggut in the Abbey.

Mariel, Dandin, and Meldrum break out of their cell. They free Gael and a shrike named Glokkpod, and fight their way to a tower, where they are cornered in the attic.

Blaggut builds the mousebabe and Furrtil two boats so they can “sail” on the Abbey pond.

Redwallers decide to hold a concert. The Abbeydweller who recites the best song will win a silver chalice from Mother Mellus. The mousebabe and Furrtil win.

Slipp kills Mother Mellus, steals the silver chalice, and escapes into Mossflower with Blaggut.

Day 10 - The Pearl Queen makes landfall at the Isle of Wrecked Ships. The crew meet Benjy, Figgs and Wincey. The three young ones agree to guide them back to Southsward, hoping to reclaim their home.

Glokkpod flies off to find Bowly and get help. A plan is formed to rescue those in Castle Floret.

Mellus is buried.

Castle Floret begins to be plagued by the “ghosts” of Rab Streambattle and Muta.

Blaggut kills Slipp and brings the chalice back to Redwall. He then departs to live by the Seashore and build boats.

Day 11 - Otters begin attacking Castle Floret to cover Gael, Mariel, Dandin, and Meldrum’s escape.

Gael, Meldrum, and Dandin escape over Castle Floret’s walls. Mariel is pursued inside. She meets Egbert the Scholar, who takes her to his friends, Rab and Muta, now silent warriors with no memories.

The Pearl Queen once again finds the Roaringburn.

Mariel, Rab, and Muta take the gatehouse of Castle Floret, gaining control of the drawbridge.

Gael goes to Furpp’s dwelling to raise an army of Southswarders to take Southsward back from the Foxwolf.

The Pearl Queen makes landfall in Southsward.

Day 12 - Bowly gets an army of hedgehogs, led by Gawjun and Deekeye, to join the Southsward Army.

Mice and squirrels soon join the Southsward Army. They choose the broom as their symbol, for they will sweep the Foxwolf’s forces out of Southsward. The army begins marching towards Castle Floret.

Egbert provides Meldrum, Dandin, and the otters with access to Castle Floret via a hidden tunnel.

The crew of the Pearl Queen meet a large otter army and begin marching towards Castle Floret to do battle with the villainous horde.

Urgan Nagru leads a force out of Castle Floret to deal with the otters attacking the castle.

The drawbridge is closed and locked by Muta. They lose the gatehouse. Battling vermin, Dandin, Meldrum, and the otters join Mariel, Rab, and Muta. The group is cornered in a lower section of Castle Floret.

The Southsward Army engages Nagru’s force. A battle follows.

The crew of the Pearl Queen and the otter army arrive at Castle Floret. They are led inside by Egbert. They save Mariel, Dandin, and the others. Fatch is killed by Silvamord. The vixen flees, but is pursued and later slain by Rab Streambattle and Muta.

The crew of the Pearl Queen leave Castle Floret and save the Southsward Army from an ambush. Urgan Nagru flees, but is pursued by Finnbarr.

Finnbarr and Urgan Nagru battle. Finnbarr kills the Forwolf, but is mortally wounded. Finnbarr dies. The Foxwolf’s horde is defeated and Southsward is freed.

Day 13 - Southsward celebrates it’s regained freedom.

Egbert the Scholar is appointed Castle Librarian and Archivist of Floret, Official Recorder for Southsward Country and Dynastic Concordance Coordinator to the House of Gael.

Meldrum and Hon Rosie find out that Meldrum is related to Tarquin.

Joseph promises to make a bell in remembrance of those who died freeing Southsward. He decides to stay in Southsward while the others return to Redwall. Joseph is appointed King’s Advisor, Honorary Commander to the Army of Southsward, and Lord Warden of Floret.

Joseph gives Finnbarr’s twin sword to Rufe and Durry as a sign of their bravery.

One Season Later - Blaggut arrives at Redwall with news of the Pearl Queensailing into the River Moss, marking the return of those who left.

Mariel, Dandin, Bowly, Hon Rosie, Durry, Rufe, and Foremole arrive at Redwall. A great feast is held in honor of their return.

One Season Later - Mariel, Dandin, and Bowly leave Redwall to sail on thePearl Queen to find what lies over the horizon on the sea.

Unnamed Season Later – Summer - Joseph, Wincey, Figgs, and Benjy visit Redwall.

Unnamed Season Later – Winter - Ferahgo the Assassin sets an ambush for the badger Lord of the SouthWestern Lands, Urthound, and his wife, Urthrun. The two badgers are slain by the Assassin and their two babes, Urthstripe and the albino Urthwyte are left to fend for themselves. Urthstripe wanders off. Urthwyte is found by his grandmother, Loambudd and they wander the woodlands.

Unnamed Seasons Later

An old Rufe Brush and Durry Quill tell the tale of the Redwallers journey to Southsward and the battle against the Urgan Nagru over the course of three days.

Unnamed Seasons Later

Loambudd and Urthwyte meet a squirrel named Ashnin, slave of a wandering band of foxes. They defeat the foxes and the trio find the Big Inland Lake and the island in the center of it.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Nordo, son of Log-a-log of the Guosssom, loses the Blackstone of the the Guosssom on the island when a big “Badger Ghost” (Urthwyte) takes it from him.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Old Abbot Saxtus retires (dies?) and Vale becomes Abbess.

Unnamed Seasons Later - – Four otter families escape a corsair vessel. They come upon a hollow mountain, its peak above the water. They fight a battle with the monitor lizards that inhabit the island and win. They name the island Ruddaring.

Monitors surviving the attack make their way far west to an island called Sampetra.

Unnamed Seasons Later - The Long Patrol hares of Salamandastron find a young badgermaid on the shores and bring her to Urthstripe, Badger Lord of Salamandastron, who adopts her as his own. She is named Mara.

Five Seasons Later – Day 1 - Mara and her best friend, Pikkle Ffolger, returning to Salamandastron after having left two nights ago, meet a weasel and a ferret; Klitch and Goffa. They join up and accompany Mara on her journey back to Salamandastron. Urthstripe is furious with Mara for bringing vermin back and locks them in their rooms after supper. A fight between the two badgers follows.

Dethbrush the fox and his six tracker rats return to Ferahgo’s camp to report that two deserters, (stoats named Dingeye and Thura) have not been found yet, then they set out again.

At Redwall, a young squirrel named Samkim and his molefriend, Arula, are punished after Samkim shot an apple with his bow and arrows while Faith Spinney was picking it.

Day 2 - Klitch and Goffa are escorted out of Salamandastron. Enraged and furious with Urthstripe, Mara runs away from Salamandastron to join her two newfound friends. Pikkle Ffolger joins her. Lt. Oxeye and Sergeant Sapwood trail the group at Urthstripe’s request.

Dingeye and Thura attempt to sneak into Redwall Abbey with the moles, but are caught by Thrugg the Otter. The two are accepted into the Abbey and are forced to work in the kitchens. Arula and Samkim’s punishment is ended.

Klitch, Mara, Pikkle and Goffa set up camp. Klitch steals away to “scout the land ahead”, but, in fact, meets with his father, Ferahgo the Assassin, who plans on kidnapping the young badger and using her as a hostage to procure the “Badger Treasure” he believes to be in Salamandastron.

Lt. Oxeye leaves Sapwood to inform Urthstripe of Klitch and Ferahgo. Sapwood warns Mara and Pikkle, who run off while Sapwood leads some of the horde in the other direction. Mara and Pikkle take refuge in a small cave.

Samkim has a strange dream of Martin the Warrior and Thrugg finds him conversing with the tapestry.

Day 3 - Mara and Pikkle find out the cave belongs to a lizard named Swinkee. A battle ensues with Mara as the victor. Swinkee loses his tail.

Abbess Vale names the season “Summer of the Lazy Trout” and Nameday Celebrations follow at Redwall. A large storm ruins the festivities. During the storm, lightning strikes the Abbey roof and the sword of Martin falls and embeds itself in the ground mere inches away from Samkim.

Migroo loses his ear to Ferahgo as punishment for not bringing Mara and Pikkle back to him.

Sapwood, having eluded Ferahgo’s horde, returns to Salamandastron and informs Urthstripe of the latest developments. Salamandastron prepares for the weasels arrival.

Day 4 - Dingeye and Thura wake up early and play with the archery equipment still inside the Abbey. They accidentally kill Brother Hal, who comes down the stairs as they fire their arrow. Panicking, they steal the sword of Martin and flee Redwall.

Samkim finds Brother Hal’s body and is accused of murdering the Brother by Friar Bellows.

Samkim is confined to the Infirmary until things are sorted out.

Martin’s sword and the two stoats are found missing. Samkim is cleared.

Brother Hal is buried. During the ceremony, Samkim and Arula sneak out of the Abbey to find the two stoats.

Swinkee agrees to lead Mara and Pikkle to Salamandastron. While they rest, he betrays them to the marshtoads.

Thura dies of Dryditch Fever. Dingeye leaves him behind.

Samkim and Arula meet an old vole named Furgle the Hermit. The trio find Thura’s body Furgle disappears to warn Redwall of Dryditch Fever, which Thura carried into the Abbey.

Many Abbeybeasts become sick with Dryditch.

Mara awakens to find herself and Pikkle as “foodslaves” of the Marshtoads. They are thrown in a pit. Mara meets Nordo, son of Log-a-log of the Guerilla Union of Stream Shrews South of Mossflower.

Samkim and Arula bury Thura. They are attacked by wasps and saved by an old hedgehog named Spriggat.

Ferahgo’s horde arrives at Salamandastron at nightfall.

Dingeye is caught by Dethbrush and his trackers. He is slain and Dethbrush takes Martin’s sword.

Urthstripe learns his destiny on the walls of Salamandastron.

Spriggat finds Dingeyes body while Samkim and Arula camp.

Thrugg departs from Redwall to journey to the mountains of the north and obtain the Icetor Flowers, the only cure for Dryditch fever. Baby Dumble follows him and is attacked by a snake. Thrugg rescues him and allows Dumble to go with him.

Day 5 - Urthstripe and ten Long Patrol hares parlay with Ferahgo. A battle erupts. Urthstripe and the hares retreat to the mountain and block the entrance.

The Guosssom mounts a rescue attempt and Mara, Pikkle, Nordo and all the other foodslaves, are rescued from the marshtoads. King Glagweb is killed.

Samkim, Arula and Spriggat meet three rabbits: Clarence, Clarissa, and their mother. They find the direction the fox and his trackers took and continue on their way.

Thrugg and Dumble are attacked by four foxes. Thrugg defeats them and continues on his journey.

The battle rages on at Salamandastron. Goffa is killed by an arrow from Urthstripe meant for Ferahgo.

Ferahgo forms a plan. His horde attacks the mountain while Farran the Poisoner sneaks into the mountain. Farran kills Windpaw and poisons Salamandastron’s water reserves and food supply.

Shorebuck is killed after eating the poisoned food.

Mara and Pikkle arrive at the home of the Guosssom. A feast is held. Pikkle is challenged to a scoffing contest by the shrew, Tubbgut. Pikkle emerges the victor.

Log-A-Log tells Mara of Nordo losing the Blackstone of the Guosssom and asks for her help in retrieving it since she is a badger like the great ghost on the island. Mara agrees.

Spriggat, Samkim and Arula attack Dethbrush. The fox and his trackers escape. One of the rats is taken prisoner.

Dethbrush attacks rivershrews and steals a logboat. They escape downriver.

The Guosssom set off for the island.

Day 6 - Shorebuck and Windpaw are laid in the bottom caverns of Salamandastron. Farran is herded to those caverns, where Urthstripe waits and forces his poisons down Farran’s throat.

Thrugg and Dumble meet Rocangus the falcon. They bandage his injured wing and he agrees to lead them to the Northern Mountains, where he is from.

Samkim, Arula and Spriggat meet the rivershrews and their chieftan, Alfoh. They give chase after Dethbrush.

The Guosssom are attacked by the Deepcoiler. Tubbgut attempts mutiney and appoints himself the new Log-A-Log of the Guosssom. Log-A-Log battles him and emerges the victor. Tubbgut is tied up pending a judgement when the Guosssom reach land.

Thrugg and the others are attacked by the crows in Crows Pine Grove. They are saved by the Laird Mactalon and his falcons.

Ferahgo and his horde begin tunneling into Salamandastron. When they break through the kitchens, they find Farran’s body. Urthstripe floods the tunnel with boiling water. Ferahgo is injured.

Forgrin and Raptail attempt to murder Ferahgo. The weasel slays them.

Sergeant Sapwood and Big Oxeye are captured by Klitch.

Day 7 - Thrugg and Dumble arrive at the Northern Mountains.

The Guosssom are attacked by the Deepcoiler again. Most survive, but are injured. Mara saves Tubbgut’s life. The shrew pledges to serve Mara.

Big Oxeye and Sergeant Sapwood are tied near the seas tide. Klitch and Ferahgo deliver Urthstripe an ultimatum. Surrender the mountain or the hares die.

The Guosssom arrive at the island in the center of the Big Inland Lake. That night a cry can be heard from an unknown source. “Eulalia!”

Sapwood and Oxeye free themselves. Sapwood drifts out to sea on a piece of wood. Oxeye battles the horde, then, during the confusion, swims upcoast and circles around towards Salamandastron, bringing food with him.

Oxeye reaches Salamandastron.

Day 8 - Thrugg and Dumble climb the Northern Mountains to meet the Wild King MacPhearsome, who guards the only Icetor Flowers. Dumble attacks the King. Amused by the dibbun, MacPhearsome gives Thrugg the Icetor flowers. He flies Dumble and the flowers to Redwall.

Mara, Pikkle and Tubbgut are attacked by Ashnin. Loambudd and Urthwyte, the “ghost”, appear. Urthwyte is pressed to attack the newcomers, but doesn’t. After learning that the Guosssom mean no harm, they are taken to the trios home. There, Loambudd learns of Urthstripe, her grandson that she had assumed was dead. She relates the tale of how Ferahgo slew his parents and left him and his brother, Urthwyte, for dead.

The Guosssom stay with Ashnin, Loambudd and Urthwyte for the night due to a storm. Log-A-Log retrieves the Blackstone and becomes undisputed Log-a-Log of the Guosssom.

The rivershrews catch up to Dethbrush on the Great Inland Lake. A battle ensues, interrupted by the Deepcoiler. Dethbrush and his rats are slain. The Deepcoiler is killed by Martin’s sword, which is embedded into it’s mouth. The sword is lost with the Deepcoiler into the depths of the lake.


Day 9 - Spriggat dies due to wounds taken during the Deepcoilers attack.

Bremmun dies due to Dryditch Fever.

Dumble and King MacPhearsome arrive at Redwall with the Icetor Flowers. All the Abbeybeasts are healed.

The Deepcoiler is found dead on the shores of the island. Mara retrieves Martin’s sword from it’s mouth.

The Guosssom, along with Urthwyte, Loambudd, and Ashinin, set off for Salamandastron to aid Urthstripe against Ferahgo.

The Guosssom come across the watershrews and Alfoh. Mara returns the sword of Martin to Samkim. The group agrees to help the Guosssom against Ferahgo, as well.

Thrugg, journeying back to Redwall with Rocangus and his friends, takes a sidetrip to Crows Pine Grove to pay back the crows for their attack.

Urthstripe is challenged to a duel of leaders. He agrees. Nearly slaying Ferahgo and Klitch, Urthstripe is double-crossed the same way Ferahgo double-crossed his parents, Urthound and Urthrun. Urthstripe is injured badly and is taken back to Salamandastron by Oxeye, the vermin army close on their heels.

The entrance to Salamandastron, unable to be reclosed, is guarded by hares who are fending off the oncoming onslaught of vermin.

The shrew troupe find Sapwood bobbing in the sea. He joins them.

Day 10 - Ferahgo’s horde gains entrance to Salamandastron. Klitch leads an attack from the ground, Ferahgo leads a force to the crater.

The Guosssom, watershrews, Mara, Pikkle, Urthwyte, Loambudd, Ashinin, Samkim, and Arula reach Salamandastron.

Urthwyte, Samkim, Arula, and Alfoh’s tribe climb the mountain to face the vermin in the crater.

Urthstripe awakens and summons up his last vestages of strength. He attacks Ferahgo in the crater and leaps over the side of the mountain. He and Ferahgo tumble down the side of the mountain and die.

With the reinforcements, the Long Patrol hares quickly defeat the vermin. Klitch, eluding the hares, drinks some of the poison water and dies before he finds his way out of Salamandastron.

Day 12 - Urthstripe is buried in “Emllor”, the hiding place of the treasure of Salamandastron.

Thrugg arrives home at Redwall.

Both Samkim and Mara have dreams of Martin the Warrior.

Day 13 - Urthwyte takes his place as Badger Lord of Salamandastron.

Mara and Samkim talk. Mara decides to return to Redwall Abbey with him and become Mother of Redwall.

Unnamed Days Later – Day 1 - MacPhearsome contacts the shrewboats carrying Samkim and Arula back to Redwall. He leads them through tributaries back towards Redwall.

Day 2 - Abbess Vale and Faith Spinney depart to pick violets and saxifrage at St. Ninian’s Church for Brother Hollyberry. They fall asleep while Thrugg pulls them in a cart to the church.

Vale and Faith awaken to find them well past Ninian’s. They question Thrugg, but are interupted when they hear singing. Samkim, Arula and the Guosssom march up the path to the Abbess. Overjoyed to see Samkim and Arula again, the Abbess and Faith have Thrugg take them back to the Abbey to prepare a feast for the squirrel and mole’s return.

Vale and Faith are locked out of the Abbey.

Samkim, Arula, and the Guosssom arrive at the Abbey to find Vale and Mrs. Spinney still waiting at the door. When Mara calls out, the door opens and the Nameday feast lays out prepared for them all.

Vale names the season “Autumn of the Homecomers”.

Mara becomes Badger Mother of Redwall Abbey.

Rocangus wing is healed.

Day 3 - King MacPhearsome returns Martin’s sword to the weathervane atop of the Abbey.

Unnamed Seasons Later - King Bloodfeather of the Sparra steals Martin’s sword off of the weathervane.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Cedric reigns as Abbot of Redwall Abbey.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Bull Sparra and Greytail encounter Asmodeus. They lose Martin’s sword to the adder. Greytail is killed.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Mortimer becomes Abbot of Redwall.

Unnamed Seasons Later - A young Matthias and Cornflower, along with Abbot Mortimer, Old Methuselah, Brother Alf and Constance, solve the riddle of the Redwall Warrior’s Code.

Unnamed Seasons Later – Summer of the Late Rose – Day 1 - Matthias gathers chestnuts.

Abbot Mortimer has a talk with Matthias telling him ,”It is an unwritten law that Redwall mice can go anywhere, throughout any territory, and pass unharmed”.

Cluny and his army head towards Redwall in a cart drawn by a horse.

Feast celebrating Golden Jubilee of Abbot Mortimer.

Constance, Matthias, the Fieldmouse Family, and the Churchmouse Family observe Cluny and rats in cart heading towards Saint Ninian’s. They return to the Abbey to warn everyone.

Old Methuselah recounts stories he has heard of Cluny the Scourge.

Cluny the Scourge has nightmares about a certain shadowy figure.

Day 2 - Frogblood and Scumnose recruit over a hundred new members for Cluny’s army.

Methuselah tells Matthias of Martin the Warrior.

Rat pretending to be injured comes to the Abbey. He lets important information of their camp slip.

Ambrose Spike leaves to warn inhabitants of Mossflower Woods of Cluny’s horde.

Mossflower inhabitants are called to Redwall by the Joseph Bell.

Cluny and his horde march towards Redwall.

The Abbot, Constance, and Matthias meet with Cluny and Redtooth, who give the Redwallers the articles of surrender.

Matthias rips the articles into pieces.

Constance challenges Cluny and tells them to get out.

Cluny stares transfixed at the tapestry of Martin the Warrior, the shadowy figure of his dreams.

The Vole family is captured by Cluny’s horde.

*Evening* Foremole, Gaffer, and Marge rescue an injured Ambrose Spike.

Ambrose recounts the story of how he sustained his injuries while warning the Vole family.

Cornflower tells Matthias that he is a true Warrior.

Cluny tells Shadow, the rat/weasel, to sneak into the Abbey and steal the tapestry of Martin the Warrior.

Day 3 - Matthias and Constance take charge of the weapons training.

Methuselah tells Matthias of the sparrowhawk he treated. The sparrowhawk had told Methuselah of a treasure that the sparrows had stolen from the mice.

Shadow steals into the Abbey.

Matthias has a dream in which he hears a voice calling him “Matthias, help, don’t let them take me.” It was the voice of Martin the Warrior.

Matthias observes Shadow stealing the tapestry and tackles him.

Shadow kicks Matthias repeatedly in the head until he blacks out.

Mr. Fieldmouse (Cornflower’s father) grabs Shadow, who in turn stabs Mr. Fieldmouse twice in the shoulder.

Constance injures Shadow who falls off the wall to the ground below.

Cluny takes the tapestry from Shadow’s broken body.

Cluny returns to his army at St. Ninians.

Ragear gets lost in Mossflower woods.

Day 4 - Mr. Fieldmouse survives his attack.

Matthias leaves the Abbey for St. Ninians with plans to recover the tapestry.

Cluny and his horde march towards Redwall, taking the tapestry with them. They attack Redwall.

Ragear observes Matthias in the Woods and decides to follow him. Matthias takes Ragear prisoner, tying him to a sturdy oak.

Matthias meets Basil Stag Hare, who helps him rescue the Vole family. Matthias and Basil battle rats during the escape.

Asmodeus attacks Ragear.

Basil takes the Vole family to his home.

Killconey and another find Ragear’s body being eaten by Asmodeus and flee.

Cluny attempts to gain entrance to the Abbey by climbing the rear wall, but is foiled by Constance. Many are slain, Cluny is injured badly. Cheesethief kills the badly injured weasel, Scragg.

Matthias gets lost in Mossflower. He encounters Silent Sam, who leads him in the direction of Redwall. They witness Cheesthief murdering Scragg as they arrive at Redwall.

Methuselah discovers the rhyme beneath the tapestry.

Day 5 - Sela the vixen is summoned to heal Cluny.

Methuselah shows Matthias the rhyme and they begin to solve the riddle. With the mole crew’shelp, they discover a hidden passageway beneath the stairs that leads to Martin’s tomb. They obtain his shield and belt.

Sela gives her son Chickenhound a note to deliver to Abbot Mortimer. Constance takes the note instead and agrees to meet with Sela.

Basil and the Vole family arrive at Redwall.

Basil gives Silent Sam a dagger.

Methuselah figures out what the threshhold is.

Foremole and Constance help Matthias and Methuselah figure out a part of the riddle.

Chickenhound returns to Sela with Redwall’s response.

Cluny places false plans under his pillow for Sela to steal and supply to Redwall.

Matthias, Methuselah, and Constance see the moon reflect off the shield to the weathervane. They determine that the sword is attached to it.

Day 6 - Jess climbs to the Abbey roof. On the way down, she is attacked by sparrows. Using arrows, Redwallers attempt to scare the sparrows off. By accident, a stray arrow struck one of the sparrows, Warbeak. Constance removes the arrow and places Warbeak in a basket.

Jess reports the sword was not to be found on the weathervane.

Sela goes to meet Abbot Mortimer, but instead meets Constance. The badger steals the plans, injures Sela and kills Redtooth.

Constance delivers the plans of the battering ram to the Abbot.

Sela and Fangburn make up a story to fool Cluny. Cluny sees through the lie, secretly pleased his plans were delivered.

Methuselah tricks Warbeak to reveal that the Bull Sparra has the sword.

Asmodeus finds the body of Redtooth.

Day 7 - Methuselah discovers a route to the Abbey roof from the inside.

Matthias, with Warbeak in tow, begins journeying to the roof.

Warbeak attacks Matthias, but he defends himself. Matthias and Warbeak become friends.

Cluny decides to tunnel into Redwall.

Sela and Chickenhound eavesdrop and are caught. Cluny sentences them to death. Their bodies are dumped into the ditch.

Matthias and Warbeak reach the Abbey attic. Matthias is attacked by Bull Sparra and his court. Matthias is kept prisoner by Warbeak and Dunwing (Warbeak’s mother). (Secretly, they are keeping him from Bull Sparra’s wrath.)

Chickenhound, who survived the rats attack, crawls away in the ditch towards Redwall Abbey.

Chickenhound reaches Redwall. He is taken in and cared for. The fox tells the Abbeydwellers of Cluny’s real plans.

Dunwing takes Matthias to Bull Sparra’s chamber. Matthias sees the scabbard of Martin’s sword.

Bull Sparra forces Matthias to give him the swordbelt.

Day 8 - Jess and Basil leave on a secret mission to recover the tapestry from Cluny.

Basil and Jess recover the tapestry and return it to Redwall.

Dunwing and Warbeak devise a plan to free Matthias.

Warbeak contacts Methuselah to get the Abbeydwellers help in freeing Matthias.

Bull Sparra and his court leave to hunt in Mossflower when he learns that Asmodeus has been spotted. (The sighting was actually a rumor started by Dunwing.)

Matthias recovers the swordbelt and finds the scabbard. He escapes to the Abbeyroof.

Bull Sparra attacks Matthias. They both plummet into the Abbey pond.

Chickenhound awakens and steals items from the Abbey. During his escape, he kills Methuselah while the Recorder was repairing the tapestry.

Chickenhound hides in a hollow tree. He is bitten by Asmodeus.

The Joseph bell rings out a message of sadness to Mossflower.

Matthias and Bull Sparra are found in the Abbey pond. Matthias is still alive and his injuries are immediately treated to.

Warbeak is crowned Queen of the Sparra.

Day 9 - Cluny and his horde march to Redwall.

Matthias dreams of Methuselah, Martin, and Asmodeus.

The Abbot informs Matthias of Methuselah’s death.

Day 10 - Basil tells Matthias of Asmodeus. He gives him a medal awarded to him by Captain Snow.

Matthias sneaks out of Redwall and begins journeying to meet Captain Snow and find Asmodeus.

Redwall is attacked by Cluny’s horde. The horde begins attacking Redwall’s gates with a battering ram.

Cluny’s horde begins tunneling into Redwall.

Matthias encounters Guosim, Log-a-Log, and the Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower.

They agree to accompany him to Captain Snow.

Day 11 - Matthias and the GUOSIM reach the farm. Matthias falls into the mouth of Squire Julian Gingivere.

Squire Julian Gingivere takes Matthias to Captain Snow.

Captain Snow tells Matthias where to find Asmodeus. He also agrees to stop eating the shrews should Matthias slay the adder.

Silent Sam and Jess use a hornet’s nest and oil to render the battering ram useless.

Matthias makes camp by the river.

Day 12 - Cluny’s horde regroups.

The GUOSIM rejoin Matthias by the river, deciding to accompany the mouse to Asmodeus’ lair.

Constance and the solitary beaver begin building their large bow.

Cluny departs into Mossflower to begin constructing a new weapon, leaving Cheesethief in charge.

Matthias and the GUOSIM cross the river.

Cheesethief, dressed up in Cluny’s armor, is slain by Constance’s bow and arrow.

The GUOSIM are attacked by Asmodeus. Mingo is killed and drug off to the adder’s lair.

Cluny takes a family of dormice prisoner.

Cornflower accidentally sets the wooden battle platform of Cluny on fire, saving Redwall from invasion.

Day 13 - Log-a-Log, Guosim, and Matthias find an entrance into the quarry, Asmodeus’ lair. Guosim falls in.

Log-a-Log and Matthias split up to find Guosim and the sword.

Matthias finds Guosim, dead. He enters another tunnel and finds a sleeping Asmodeus and the sword of Martin.

Matthias gets the sword and sneaks out of the tunnel. Log-a-Log runs into Matthias and wakes Asmodeus.

Cluny’s tunnels are completed and ready for use.

Asmodeus pursues Matthias and Log-a-Log.

The Redwallers flood Cluny’s tunnels with boiling water, scalding the vermin inside.

Matthias slays Asmodeus with Martin’s sword.

Matthias returns to the farm to tell Captain Snow of Asmodeus’ demise.

Squire Julian Gingivere and Captain Snow reconcile.

Plumpen, the father of the dormouse family Cluny captured, is taken into Redwall Abbey.

Warbeak meets Matthias on his journey back to Redwall with grave news of Cluny’s plans.

Warbeak returns to Redwall.

Day 14 - Plumpen opens Redwall’s gates, giving Cluny’s horde access to the Abbey.

A battle ensues.

Cluny emerges victorious and takes all the Abbeydwellers prisoner.

Matthias reaches Redwall and, clad in full armor with Martin’s sword, shield, and scabbard, battles Cluny.

The Sparra and GUOSIM flood Redwall, attacking the vermin.

Matthias cuts the Joseph Bell’s rope. The bell falls onto Cluny, killing the warlord.

Redwall wins it’s final battle.

Abbot Mortimer is killed. As his final act, he makes Brother Alf the Abbot, names Matthias Abbey Warrior, and declares that Matthias and Cornflower should be wed. He declares the Sparra and GUOSIM have a home in Redwall. He names the sword of Martin “Ratdeath”.

Chickenhound escapes from the adder’s lair, permanently scarred. He blames the Redwallers, vows to take his revenge on them one day, and changes his name to Slagar the Cruel.

Unnamed Seasons Later - John Churchmouse becomes Recorder of Redwall Abbey.

Slagar begins working for Malkariss capturing slaves

One Year After Cluny’s Defeat – Summer of the Talking Squirrel

Silent Sam speaks for the first time.

Matthias and Cornflower have a son named “Matthias Methuselah Mortimer”– Mattimeo, for short.

Basil Stag Hare departs to bring Squire Julian Gingivere and Captain Snow to Redwall.

The Joseph Bell is recast into smaller bells, the Matthias and Methuselah bells.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Redwall holds a great feast in honor of Abbot Mordalfus. The Abbot goes on a quest for a Bobbaton Weary Nod.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Slagar kidnaps Auma the badger and is pursued by her father, Orlando the Axe.

Unnamed Days Later - Slagar and his band of slavers camp in St. Ninian’s abandoned church. Vitch, a young mouse-like rat is sent to Redwall as a spy for Slagar.

Unnamed Days Later – Day 1 - A large annual feast is celebrated at Redwall Abbey.

Slagar poses as the Lord of Mountebanks, the mysterious leader of a traveling band of entertainers, gaining entrance to Redwall.

Mattimeo, son of Matthias the Warrior, Cynthia Bankvole, Tim and Tess Churchmouse, and Sam Squirrel are all taken captive by Slagar after he slips a sleeping drug into the drinks of the adults and exits the Abbey.

Day 2 - The residents of Redwall awaken to find their children stolen and a few adults slain by Slagar and his band.

The Redwallers bury and mourn their dead.

Day 3 - Matthias the Warrior, Mrs. Churchmouse, Basil Stag Hare, Jess Squirrel, Warbeak and her Sparra set out searching for Slagar.

The team splits when Basil injures his paw.

Matthias, Jess, and Basil meet Cheek the otter on the deserted slavers’ cart.

The captive young ones meet Scurl the newt, who tells them he can set them free in exchange for some of their things. They give him various baubles, but he runs off without helping them.

The slavers capture Jube (short for “Jubilation”) the hedgehog.

Day 4 - Martin the Warrior appears to Abbot Mordalfus in a vision instructing him to “Seek the Founder in the stones where the little folk go.”

Baby Rollo finds a trail of ants, or “little folk”, and the older Abbeybeasts follow it to an underground monument of Redwall’s first leader, Abbess Germaine. A stone tablet comes loose from the statue. It is deciphered as another riddle.

Matthias and Co. meet Orlando the Axe, father of Auma the badger, and Jabez Stump, father of Jube. They decide to track Slagar together and set off to the south. They catch Scurl along the way. He reluctantly tells them about their young ones and exactly which direction they were heading.

A dagger dropped by a stoat is found by the young woodlanders and is used to pick the locks on their chains. After the vermin doze off, the young ones escape into a river nearby.

Matthias, Basil, Jess, Cheek, Orlando, and Jabez catch up with Slagar and rush into a cave they think his band is in, but are trapped inside by a landslide begun by the fox.

The young ones run out of hiding to help, but are captured once more.

Day 5 - Log-a-Log and his Guosim shrews free the trapped woodlanders from the cave and agree to help them.

The stone tablet is found to have some letters filled with green dye. Unscrambled, the letters spell “abbey top crow”.

Warbeak and the Sparra assist by flying to the roof of Redwall and making a rubbing of a map and yet another riddle printed on the crow statue there.

Day 6 - The Abbeybeasts make copies of the rubbing and give them to the Sparra.

Warbeak and her warriors fly off to find Matthias and the others to give them their findings.

Ironbeak, the raven, and his fighters kill off the remaining Sparra in the rooftop of Redwall Abbey.

After receiving a signal from Slagar, Stonefleck, the rat, drops two ladders from the top of a large cliff. Slagar’s slavers and their captives climb to the top and pull the ladders up, prohibiting anyone from following them.

The Redwallers, Orlando, Jabez, and the Guosim set off toward the cliff while Skan, the former Guosim shrew, betrays their position to Slagar.

Slagar enslaves Skan and his few followers despite their help. The slave line reaches the forest of the painted ones and they are attacked, but narrowly escape with their lives.

Day 7 - Matthias and Co. meet Sir Harry, the owl, who flies to the cliff top and drops the ladders for them to climb.

They arrive at the forest and are assaulted by the painted ones. Jess captures their leader. They reach the edge of the forest, near the bank of a river.

Slagar and his slave chain cross the river.

A barrier is erected across the dormitory’s entrance to Cavern Hole to stop the birds from entering freely.

Day 8 - Cornflower, Mrs. Churchmouse, and baby Rollo are captured by Ironbeak and his birds.

The woodlanders construct a raft to float across the river, but are attacked by Stonefleck’s rat horde of archers. The woodlanders escape by floating down the river.

In Redwall, the Abbeydwellers plan a trap for the magpies of Ironbeak’s small army.

Day 9 - The woodlanders, headed by Matthias, are attacked once more by Stonefleck and his army, but defeat them with the help of Warbeak and the Sparra, who show up just in time.

Warbeak is slain by an archer.

The Sparra give Matthias a copy of the map and poem and turn back toward Redwall. The rest continue south after Slagar and his slavers.

The magpies arrive in Redwall’s orchard, gathering food. They eat the berries Sister May had drugged and are caught in fishnets set by the Abbeybeasts.

Ironbeak agrees to swap hostages and does so in the evening. However, while the exchange is taking place, the rest of his birds were gathering supplies from the orchard and had moved down into the infirmary and dormitories, leaving Cavern Hole the only safe haven.

Foremole and his moles create a tunnel system from Cavern Hole to the pond, orchard, and gatehouse.

Day 10 - The slave line arrives at a huge, seemingly-bottomless canyon and crosses it, severing the bridge after them.

The woodlanders that are tracking Slagar arrive at the rift and with Sir Harry’s help, they slide across on a piece of rope from the broken bridge that is connected to Orlando’s axe. Jess swings across last with the large weapon.

General Ironbeak and his fighters attempt to steal Redwall’s tapestry, but are stopped.

The Sparra arrive safely at Redwall once more.

Cornflower dons the Warrior’s armor which Matthias left behind and plays the part of Martin the Warrior’s ghost. With Constance, the badger, using her booming voice, frightening Ironbeak’s forces.

Slagar departs with Nadaz and his blackrobed rats, Vitch, and the slaves, leaving the rest of his band behind.

Day 11 - While the remainder of Slagar’s band battle for leadership, the woodlanders overcome them. Disarmed, the vermin are taken captive.

Cheek spots the Lord of Mossflower, a gigantic fir tree, in the distance. They set off toward it.

Cornflower resumes her role of Martin’s ghost, further discouraging Ironbeak and his birds.

Slagar and the slave line arrive at the Kingdom of Malkariss, previously Loamhedge Abbey, which had sunk beneath the ground in an earthquake.

The woodlanders reach the huge Lord of Mossflower and follow its shadow to the hidden entrance of Loamhedge.

Day 12 - Stryk Redkite sees Redwall from afar and, with a broken wing, makes her way toward it.

The captured vermin of Slagar’s band are banished from the area and are followed closely by Sir Harry the Muse to ensure their departure.

Stryk arrives at Redwall and she is attacked by Ironbeak’s fighters. Constance rescues her and brings her into the Abbey. Stryk’s injuries are tended to.

Matthias, Jess, Basil, Cheek, Log-a-log, and the Guosim all enter the Kingdom of Malkariss, searching for the enslaved young ones. They meet Nadaz and his rat horde and battle ensues.

Slagar escapes above-ground via a secret passage. Cornflower, Constance, and Sister May continue to plague the birds with the phantom of Martin.

Day 13 - Matthias challenges the horde to bring forth their best warrior. Wearet, the slavemaster, is chosen. Matthias is thrown off of the edge of a tall platform down onto a basket containing Malkariss himself.

The old polecat is attacked by the many slaves previously forced to build his kingdom and he is buried under a small mountain of rocks.

Matthias releases the slaves from their chains. They are anxious to take revenge on their captors. They join the battle above.

Constance is locked in the gatehouse by Ironbeak as she deposits the armor inside.

Log-a-log is wounded in the large battle that follows the duel between the Wearet and Matthias. A number of the shrews remove him from the area and stumble upon the cell of the young ones. They are set free.

Log-a-log perishes, passing on his leadership of the Guosim to Flugg.

Led by Mattimeo, the children meet with their parents to help with the battle.

Day 14 - The woodlanders stand triumphant against the vanquished blackrobed horde. They destroy the giant white polecat statue representing the polecat and his kingdom and make their way to the surface once more.

Slagar slays Vitch. Spotted by the woodlanders, Slagar retreats, but falls to his doom into a large pit leading back down to Loamhedge.

Ironbeak attacks Cavern Hole while the Abbeybeasts are asleep.

Stryk Redkite, wing healed, attacks the raven and his forces.

Constance breaks free of the locked gatehouse and assists in the battle.

Ironbeak is slain by Stryk. Constance slays Mangiz. The surviving birds are thrown from the Abbey, but are mercifully unharmed.

Unnamed Days Later - Matthias and Mattimeo, Jess and Sam Squirrel, Tim and Tess Churchmouse, Orlando the Axe and Auma, Basil Stag Hare and Cheek the otter, the Guosim, Sir Harry, and any of the former slaves who had no home to return to arrive at Redwall Abbey.

One Day Later - A new season begins and Abbot Mordalfus names it “Autumn of the Warriors’ Return”. A great feast is held, both in honor of the new season and the returning of the young ones.

Two Seasons Later - Mattimeo and Tess marry.

Four Seasons Later - Tim Churchmouse becomes Recorder of Redwall Abbey.

Basil officially adopts Cheek.

Jabez and Rosyqueen Stump, along with their daughters and Jube, move into Redwall’s cellars with Ambrose Spike.

Constance begins training Auma to be the next Mother of Redwall.

One Season Later - Mattimeo becomes Redwall’s Champion. He and Tess have a child. The name of “Martin” is bestowed upon him.

Unnamed Summer - The crew of the vessel, Waveworm, captained by Conva the stoat, slaughters the otter Holt of Lutra, leaving only Lutra’s daughter, Grath Longfletch, alive (but, badly injured).

Six perfect pearls, called the Tears of All Oceans, are stolen for Ublaz “Mad Eyes,” Emperor of Sampetra Island.

Grath Longfletch is found by two watervoles, Glinc and Sitch. She is taken to their home and nursed.

Two Months (2 moons or 68 days) Later (Autumn) - The weasels, Flairnose and Graylunk, steal the Tears of All Oceans.

Guosim shrews are attacked by robber foxes. Martin II, the Warrior of Redwall, aids them in driving the foxes away.

Grath Longfletch awakes from her coma-like state.

Three Days Later - Flairnose is found. He tells Conva that Graylunk stabbed him and took the pearls. He then dies of his stab wound.

Unnamed Days Later - Graylunk arrives at Redwall Abbey with the pearls and a skull wound. He is taken in.

Two Days Later - Crew of the Waveworm comes to Redwall Abbey secretly searching for Graylunk.

Unnamed Days Later - Conva and crew set sail for Sampetra to tell Emperor Ublaz that the pearls are in Redwall Abbey

Unnamed Days Later - Corsair vessel, Sprayraider, holed on the rocky shoreline.

Unnamed Days Later - Tears of All Oceans are given to Fermald the Ancient. She hides them in various spots around the Abbey.

Graylunk leaves Redwall Abbey to die alone.

Unnamed Spring (5 seasons later) - Martin I appears to Wallyum Rudderwake, leader of Holt Ruddaring, telling him to help his friends triumph over evil. Wallyum does not remember this dream.

Two Autumns (2 seasons) Later – Day 1 - Tansy the hogmaid and Arven the Dibbun squirrel discover a skeleton while gathering herbs

Martin II, Foremole, Wullger the otter, and Friar Higgle investigate the skeleton and discover it is the skeleton of Graylunk.

They meet Cleckstarr Lepus Montisle (Clecky) and Gerul the owl.

Waveworm reaches Sampetra.

Conva is forced to sleep in the barracks of the flesh-eating monitor lizards for failing to bring Ublaz the Tears of All Oceans.

The Waveworm, now captained by Romsca the ferret and sailing with the monitor general, Lask Frildur, and a score of monitors, sets out for Mossflower to retreive the Tears of All Oceans.

The searats and corsairs of Sampetra seal a pact of rebellion against Ublaz.

Grath Longfletch leaves the home of Glinc and Stich.

Day 2 - Ublaz sends his gulls to Mossflower to spy on the Abbey and find the pearls, if possible.

Conva is hypnotized by Ublaz’s strange eyes and jumps out a window to his death while thinking he is a bird.

Ublaz hypnotizes a coral water snake he has trapped below the palace.

Grath Longfletch kills the crew of the Sprayraider. She takes the lifeboat as her own.

Grath meets the Guosim shrews.

Rollo the Recorder finds the first riddle left behind by Fermald the Ancient.

Tansy and Friar Higgle are attacked by the gulls. One is slain by Gerul.

Romsca and crew make landfall in Mossflower.

Martin II, Rollo, and Tansy begin the search for the Tears of All Oceans.

The container for the pearls (a scallop shell) and the riddle to pearl #1 are found in Fermald’s attic.

Martin I appears to Tansy in a dream.

Day 3 - Sampetra captains (Flaney, Rippdog, Rocpaw, Slashback, Bloodsnout, and Bilgetail) are murdered for leading the rebellion against Ublaz.

Captain Barranca is double-crossed and slain by Rasconza the fox.

Romsca reaches Redwall and learns of Graylunk’s visit there.

Viola bankvole and Abbot Durral are taken captive by monitors.

Pearl #1 and riddle for pearl #2 are found in the Great Summer candle.

The two friends, Piknim the mousemaid and Craklyn the squirrelmaid, join in the search for the pearls.

Pearl #2 and riddle for pearl #3 are found in the barrel of the drink called Cup of Cheer.

Lask Frildur delivers an ultimatum to the Abbey: the Tears of All Oceans in exchange for the return of Abbot Durral and Viola.

Late evening: Martin II, Skipper, Clecky, and Gerul leave the Abbey to search for Durral and Viola.

Martin I appears to Tansy in a dream, again.

Day 4 - Martin, Skipper, Clecky, and Gerul attack Frildur’s forces before dawn. They later battle the rearguard left behind to slow them up.

Gerul and Skipper head home, both wounded.

Pearl #3 found in the pond.

Martin and Clecky attack the Waveworm from shore with the help of Grath, who is nearby.

Viola escapes.

Unnamed Days Later - There is a battle on the decks of the Waveworm. All are slain except Durral and Romsca (who has a mortal wound).

One Day Later - Romsca dies from her wound, telling Durral to continue sailing west to Sampetra, saying her friends will take care of him.

Day 5 - Rasconza strikes a deal with Ublaz: his loyal service for a share of the plunder and Supreme Captaincy of the fleet.

Martin, Clecky, Grath, and Viola meet up with the Guosim shrews.

Waveworm sets sail for Sampetra.

Martin swears to bring the Abbot home to Redwall.

Grath’s small vessel is named Freebeast.

Martin, Grath, Clecky, Plogg, and Welko (Guosim Chief Log-a-Log’s sons) (with Bladeribb the searat as hostage and Viola as stowaway) set sail for Sampetra in theFreebeast.

Skipper and Gerul arrive back at the Abbey.

Riddle to pearl #4 found on the binding of Fermald’s fishing rod.

Riddle to pearl #5 found in a house martin’s nest, but, pearl #4 stolen by jackdaws.

Log-a-Log and the Guosim arrive at Redwall. A search is mounted for the “missing” Viola.

Ublaz foils Rasconza’s plans of secretly sailing away from Sampetra by removing the tillers and rudders of all the ships, promising new ones.

On the Freebeast, Viola is discovered.

Day 6 - Freebeast hits an iceberg and gets stuck on it. Bladeribb is killed.

Tansy, Craklyn, Piknim, Rollo, and Gerul follow a jackdaw to St. Ninian’s Church in hopes of finding pearl #4. They are viciously attacked by the jackdaws. Piknim is killed before rescue arrives. Pearl #4 found.

Ublaz’s Trident-rats refit the Bloodkeel with a brand new tiller and rudder.

Ublaz lets Rasconza sail away on the Bloodkeel, which he has secretly holed. It sinks, killing all crew except Rasconza and Guja.

Day 7 - Rasconza, who has made it back to shore, continues to threaten Ublaz. He sets up a meeting with Ublaz for the following day.

Ublaz trains snipers, planning on killing Rasconza.

Martin and friends meet the seal king. The seals begin the journey to Ruddaring, a hidden holt in the northern seas.

Piknim is buried.

St. Ninian’s burned to the ground.

Riddle to Pearl #5 opened.

Pearl #5 and riddle to pearl #6 found in the tapestry.

Day 8 - Rasconza kills snipers, foiling Ublaz’s plans. His corsairs steal the rudder and tillerless ships. Ublaz is trapped in his palace.

Martin, Grath, Viola, Plogg, and Welko reach Ruddaring. They meet the holt leader, Wallyum Rudderwake, and his son, Inbar Trueflight.

Wallyum remembers when Martin I appeared to him, and offers Martin II any help he can.

*Midnight* Tansy, Craklyn, and Rollo solve half of riddle #6 and find the other half.

Day 9 - Waveworm reaches Sampetra. Durral is discovered by Ublaz. Ublaz then chains the Abbot inside his private chambers.

Ublaz lays a trap for Rasconza which fails because his Trident rats have joined Rasconza’s side.

Martin, Clecky, Viola, Plogg, Welko, Grath, and Inbar Trueflight leave Ruddaring for Sampetra pulled by the sealfolk.

Pearl #6 found in a carpenter bee’s nest by Arven. He gives the pearl to Tansy.

Day 10 - Martin, Clecky, Viola, Plogg, Welko, Grath, and Inbar arrive at Sampetra. They split up to scout the island; Inbar, Grath and Viola go northwest while Martin, Clecky, Plogg, and Welko go southwest.

Clecky creates a diversion and is chased all over the island by the Wave Bretheren.

Martin, Plogg, and Welko steal the Waveworm from the jetty and sail it to a small cove on the east side of the island.

Clecky arrives at camp with a captive: Gowja the searat.

Day 11 - Grath starts a fire in the palace with flaming arrows. She then enters the palace with Martin, Clecky, and Inbar while Plogg guards the Waveworm.

Viola and Welko torch five of the vessels, sparing the best ship, Freebooter. They are then forced to fend off searats and corsairs who wish to save the last ship. They are saved by the sealfolk.

Martin and Clecky free Durral; then Clecky, Inbar, and Grath take him from the palace.

Martin battles Ublaz. Ublaz is killed by the venom of the coral water snake.

Chief Trident-rat Sagitar and Rasconza slay each other.

Day 12 - Waveworm is torched.

Freebooter is renamed Seaking.

Seaking leaves Sampetra, headed for Ruddaring, where Inbar and Grath plan to spend the rest of their days together.

Unnamed Days Later (Autumn) - Martin I appears to Tansy in a dream again, telling her to go to the shore and wait for a sea king.

Three Days Later - Redwall party reaches the shore to wait for the sea king of Tansy’s dream.

Martin I again appears to Tansy, telling her the Abbess will know what to do with the pearls.

One Day Later - Seaking arrives home.

Tansy throws the pearls back to the seas. She then becomes Abbess.

Unnamed Days Later - Viola takes over for Sister Cicely in the Infirmary. Craklyn takes over as Recorder for Rollo. Durral becomes a Friar.

Unnamed Seasons Later Cregga Rose Eyes becomes Badger Lady of Salamandastron.

Unnamed Seasons Later Cornspurrey De Fformello Tussock runs away from home to join the Long Patrol. His father never forgives him for it.

Unnamed Seasons Later – Winter - Gormad Tunn, leader of the Rapscallions, leads an attack against Salamandastron. He’s repelled by Cregga Rose Eyes and mortally wounded.

Cregga Rose Eyes sends Major Perigord Habile Sinistra’s Long Patrol to determine Tunn’s whereabouts.

One Season Later – Spring – Day 1 - Gormad Tunn dies His sons, Byral Fleetclaw and Damug Warfang fight to the death to determine who would be the next Firstblade. Damug wins and kills Byral.

Russa Nodrey arrives at Camp Tussock.

Mem Divinia has her son, Tamello De Fformello Tussock, run away from Camp Tussock with Russa so he can become a Long Patrol hare.

Day 2 - Damug Warfang tosses the blade of the Firstblade. The blade lands flat side up (through trickery on Damug’s part).

Tammo and Russa run into two ferrets, Skulka and Gromal. Russa defeats them, but they run back to their vermin band for reinforcements.

Day 3 - Tammo and Russa are attacked again, this time by the entire horde. They manage to escape only through the help of Major Perigord Habile Sinistra’s Long Patrol. The Long Patrol continues to track the vermin.

The Rapscallion Horde begins marching inland.

Borumm and Vendace attempt to assassinate Damug. But, Damug catches them unaware and shackles them (along with Lugworm).

Day 4 - Foremole Diggum discovers that Redwall’s South Wall is sinking and tells Arven the Warrior. Arven then tells Abbess Tansy.

Damug Warfang promotes Lousewort and Hogspit to the rank of “Rapscour”. The new Rapscours take their scouts and march ahead of the army, surveying the lay of the land.

Tammo is captured by the Painted Ones when he’s gathering watercress for the Long Patrol.

The Rapscour scouts encounter Log-A-Log and the GUOSIM. Log-A-Log battles and slays Hogspit. Thirty scouts are slain, as well.

Damug has the remaining scouts stand in the river as punishment for not defeating the shrews. Borumm and Vendace escape and lead the scouts away from Damug. They kill Lugworm first.

Cregga finishes fashioning her axpike.

The Long Patrol rescue Tammo from the Painted Ones and capture their leader, Shavvakamalla, ensuring safe passage through the forest. They later let Shavvakamalla go.

Day 5 - Before Dawn – A large beech tree falls on Redwall’s South Wall, destroying most of it.

The Mole Crew digs underneath the wall and finds a large cavern/hole.

The Redwallers discover the little owl, Orocca, trapped in the beech tree with her three eggs. They move her into the Abbey where she makes her home in the apple cupboard.

Tansy ventures into the hole beneath the South Wall.

Orocca’s husband, Taunoc, arrives at Redwall searching for her.

The Long Patrol engages in battle with the vermin horde when they begin hounding a helpless badger and a babe. The grown badger is found to be dead, but the Long Patrol rescues the babe.

Russa is injured in the battle.

Most of the vermin horde die in the swamplands whilst running from the Long Patrol. Only one makes it out alive.

Russa dies.

The Long Patrol buries the badger and Russa.

Day 6 - Orocca’s egg’s hatch.

The Long Patrol arrives at Redwall Abbey.

Borumm and Vendace’s band attack Log-A-Log. All but 10 of the vermin are slain. Those 10 are recaptured by Damug Warfang.

The Salamandastron Long Patrol and Cregga begin marching inland.

Day 7 - The badger babe is named Russano after Russa.

Sloey falls into the hole beneath the South Wall and is attacked by a snake. Skipper dives to her rescue and they disappear in the underground current. Sloey is pulled back to the surface.

Log-A-Log meets up with Gurgan Spearback and his hedgehog family. Together they journey towards Redwall to warn them of Damug Warfang’s coming.

Gurgan finds a hole with water flowing out of it. Plugging the hole, the ground surrounding it collapses and out comes Skipper admist a flow of water.

Log-A-Log and Gurgan arrive at Redwall Abbey.

Redwall holds a Council of War in Cavern Hole.

Rinkul the ferret returns to Damug’s horde with news of Redwall. Damug becomes determined to march there.

One of Damug’s horde captures a male squirrel.

During the Council of War, Martin the Warrior speaks through Tammo. He gives Redwall cryptic instructions on how to protect the Abbey from war.

Day 8 - Log-A-Log leads a crew to dam up the river, stopping the flow of water beneath Redwall.

As per Martin’s instructions, Tammo and Midge Manycoats, disguised as vermin, journey south of Redwall to pose as seers in Damug Warfang’s camp. Rockjaw Grang accompanies them, but not disguised as vermin.

Midge and Tammo reach Damug’s camp. Rockjaw stays out of sight so as to not arouse suspicion.

Damug listens to Midge’s prophecies.

Tammo sneaks out of the horde camp to contact Rockjaw, then returns.

Tammo makes contact with the squirrel prisoner.

Day 9 – Midnight - Tansy, Friar Butty, and Craklyn discover that the hole is actually part of old Castle Kotir, which the south part of Redwall was built over.

Morning – Tansy, Craklyn, Friar Butty, Shad, and Foremole Diggum journey into the ruins of Kotir.

Taunoc begins relaying messages between Redwall and Rockjaw Grang.

Tansy, Craklyn, Butty, Shad and Foremole find Verdauga Greeneyes’ treasure, but become trapped in Kotir after a cave in. They begin searching for another way out.

Day 10 - Taunoc relays Perigord’s message to Rockjaw.

Cregga marches ahead of her Long Patrol, then collapses from sheer exhaustion.

Viola begins a search party to locate Abbess Tansy.

Cregga is attacked by rooks. She’s saved by her Long Patrol.

Perigord and the army of Redwall march to the ridge in preparation for the upcoming battle.

Midge tells Damug how he would overrun Redwall if he attacked the ridge first. Damug becomes convinced and orders his horde to march the following morning.

Midge and Tammo rescue the squirrel, Fourdun, and escape from Damug’s camp. They are pursued, but Rockjaw covers their escape, sacrificing his life so that they might get away.

Day 11 - Damug’s army begins marching west towards the ridge.

Tansy, Craklyn, Shad, Butty and Foremole escape from Kotir, emerging in Mossflower woods. They return to Redwall with their findings.

Midge, Tammo, and Fourdun reach the ridge. They report to Major Perigord.

The Rapscallions pitch camp in sight of the ridge.

Martin the Warrior, Matthias, Mattimeo, Martin the 2nd, Gonff, Mariel, Old Lord Brocktree, Boar, Sunflash, Urthclaw, Urthwyte, Rawnblade, Rockjaw Grang, and many other warriors appear to Russano in a dream.

Day 12 - The Rapscallions break camp and attack the ridge.

The army of Redwall and the Rapscallions lock in battle.

The Rapscallions gain the upper hand, but their chances are dashed as Cregga and her army of Long Patrol hares arrive on the battlefield.

Cregga slays Damug Warfang, but loses her sight during the battle.

The Rapscallions are defeated.

Day 13 - The Redwall army returns home.

Cregga is taken to Redwall to recover.

Four Seasons Later - Russano finds his way into Cregga’s room. Cregga’s bloodwrath days fade into the past and she decides to rear Russano. Cregga also becomes Redwall’s Badger Mother.

Orocca’s children choose the names Nutwing, Nutbeak and Nutclaw for themselves.

The Redwall army remains at the Abbey to repair the South Wall.

Tammo’s family travels from Camp Tussock to Redwall for his marriage to Pasque.

Unnamed Seasons Later - Tammo, Pasque, Perigord and the other Long Patrol hares, journey to Salamandastron with a now grown Russano, now called Russano the Wise.

Russano becomes Badger Lord of Salamandastron.