Year 1


[Year #1]
–Autumn of the Warriors
–Winter of the Long Snowfall
–Spring of the Many Blossoms
–Summer of the Golden Friendships

A Collection of Winning Song Contest Entries

Autumn of the Warriors

November 8th, 1996

First Place

The Wanderer’s Song
By Bankrose

Wandering, searching, living off the land,
Compared to Abbey life, it ent too grand,
Being a wanderer is fun, I admit,
But after a while it gets boring, a bit,
So wander on, wander on, look for a home,
Start a family, instead of living on your own,
Start afresh, begin anew, carry on my friend,
But I am a wanderer, and that never ends,
I am commited, wandering’s my life,
Living in a place where disaster is rife,
Doesn’t sound too great to a wanderer, you know,
But some think, where else is there to go?

Used with permission

Winter of the Long Snowfall

January 19th, 1997

First Place

Mariel’s Song
By MarielRose

Deep in the season
at the year’s final edge
when winter’s caress
touches tree, lake, and hedge
The creatures of Redwall
on some bleak white winter’s night
in Cavern Hole they gather
meet to challenge winter’s might.
From all o’er Mossflower
they come, heads bowed low
blown through the door
in a flurry of snow.
Friends reunited
comrades thought lost-
down in cozy Cavern Hole
the torchlight melts the frost.
Legendary food,
known throughout the land
makes every creature want to eat
more than they should (or can).
And when the feast is over
the telling of stories begins…
soon the bitter cold’s forgotten
it’s summer once again.

Used with permission

Second Place

Winter Eve
By Clearspring

Outside the wind is cold and brisk
But in our Abbey warm we sit
In the Great Hall gathered round
Some young creatures dreamland-bound
Telling stories of far away
Of warriors from another day
Flames in the fireplace warm our paws
While told of faroff lands without laws
Before this peaceful time we sat
Eating foods that made us fat
Happy laughter filled the air
Our eyes on dishes worn rith wear
A table laden with a feast
A lovely sight to say the least
As our Abbot says the grace
For hope in coming years we face
We pass the platters round to all
The firelight cast shadows on the wall
We look around with happy eyes
As willing paws slice up pies
Later we will go to sleep
Peaceful Dibbuns dreaming deep
A sense of safty o’er our heads
As we slumber in our beds
A warrior’s spirit watches us
So young ones there’s no need to fuss
For Martin guards us one and all
We’re safe inside our Abbey Redwall

Used with permission

Third Place

Finding a Way Home
By Baby Dumble, AGM

I am looking and hoping
and searching for a place
I hold dear… The Redwall Abbey…
Am I getting near?
I am wandering and searching…
Looking for my home…
The Redwall Abbey…
A place where I am never alone.
I hoped and I searched
and I looked high and low
How far I went,
I do not know
I longed to see the faces
of my friends…
Martin, Germaine, and others,
Still, my journey did not end.
Then,… I realized…
The Abbey and I were
never apart… for I hold
it in a special place,
deep in my heart.

Used with permission

Spring of the Many Blossoms

June 1st, 1997

First Place

Aster’s Song
By Aster

Wander wide, travel far
Guided by unmoving star
Look for valley dark and deep
Fear the night and do not sleep
Heed not the words of stranger fair,
Defy the scavengers of the air.
Westward go, and slightly north,
Till a forest doth draw forth.
Find a tower shining white,
Lodging there for the night.
Amid the mist and morning dew
There a sword be forged for you.
With the sword cut reed in twain,
Blow through it to stop the flame.
Tree whose blackened roots beneath,
Find thy blade a noble sheath.
Buckle on and wear with pride,
Fortune come with golden tide.

Used with permission

Second Place

The Hawk and the Hare
By Clearspring

From o’er the mountains in the north
From uncharted regions they traveled forth
Seeking a place they hoped to find
Leaving their frightening pasts behind
A world filled with tyrants, merciless fools
Haunted by tortured souls, ghosts and ghouls
A world where the agonized screams never cease
They left in search of a place filled with peace
One goes by foot, one on the wing
The hawk and the hare, together they sing
Of things still to come in thier futures, they hoped
Shedding the problems with which they had coped
Through hail, sleet and rain they traveled along
The hawk and the hare, still singing their song
The sun would shine brightly then whither away
Taking with it the light that showed the way
The lightening would flash in the sky all around
But the hawk and the hare, together were sound
The rain pelted downward upon the two friends
But they were togther, for good or bad ends
After weeks upon weeks of hard traveling and woe
And fighting Mother Nature, the most deadly foe
In the traveling month that numbered the fourth
They came to a path, running south, running north
The traveling was easy, thier hearts soon grew light
The hawk on the left and the hare on the right
The hare walked the whole way, his friend the hawk flew
Thier journey was ending, thier happiness grew
Then looming before them, with stones crimson red
The Abbey that’s known for it’s food and soft beds
This is for what they had come all that way
To join in and take part in Redwall’s Spring Nameday!
Now thier lives were happy like never before
Thier suff’ring had ended, they feared life no more
The hawk and the hare, thier friendship shan’t bend
Together forever, and friends to the end.

Used with permission

Third Place

The Wandering Redwaller
By Queen Serena

As I wander alone, paws on soft fine loam,
I think of the place that I call my home.
Passing through trees, passing through brush,
stepping in time with the clear river’s rush,
I dream of the abbey so dear to me;
for my love above all is for a place called Redwall.
Sweet blossoms and blooms of tender pale shades;
Their scent woven in with sweet-singing Abbey maids.
Birds trilling low in the limbs up high,
Happy voices are heard, once a joyful cry.
All these are found at the world’s best place,
for our love above all is for a place called Redwall.
Now dusk has set in with its muted glow,
the fires start up, for Redwallers know
that night shall come fast and shall cloak us all here
that a cool ev’ning breeze will chill us, but lend me your ear:
Remember the place of safety and warmth,
and let your love above all be for a place called Redwall.

Used with permission

Summer of the Golden Friendships

September 14th, 1997

First Place

Aster’s Untitled Song
By Aster

In days long ago, in a land of woe,
When the northland was ruled by Lord Blynt,
A hare was born under nettle and thorn
Where no light shed steel and flint.
Gwen she was nam’d, and far she was fam’d
For her natural skill with a blade
Of this vermin new naught and thus she was caught
And into a slave was made.
In her eyes fire burn’d and for freedom she yearn’d
as into the mountains she bored
So ill was the day for the one who held sway
When she picked up a fallen stoat’s sword.

No one spied the young hare as she stepped with care
Coming to the door of a tower,
And as she engag’d her sword in a duel with the Lord
All around them vermin did cower.
Blynt tried all his tricks and found himself in a fix
And his eyes clouded in death as he drew a last breath
For a better skill’d swordsbeast he never had met.
So heed you this, vermin all:
The smallest slip
Could be your fall.

Used with permission

Second Place

Wonders of Salamandastron
By Carven Deathlance

Now I’ll tell you a tale of a ghost that’s all pale at
He comes out every night, just a slight after nine at
But none can compare with a Badger or hare at

And we got there together in bright sunny weather at
Arm not alas sand way south in the west is where I love it best,
Is a place I call home where the soil is loam at
It’s a place in your dreams and it’s not what it se-he-he-msss


Used with permission

Third Place

Redwall Over the Years
By Equador Murrel

This song may be silly, it may be fun.
Whatever you do, dont leave it in the sun.
The words will fade, the song wil lose meaning.
Then I’ll have to re-write it, from the begining!

***Redwall Over the Years***

Redwall’s the place where all good beasts go, It’s a place where memories grow.

The smells from the kitchens will make your mouth water,
A soup for an otter, gets hotter and hotter.

You mention feast, the hares give big cheers,
You might eat to much, then you’ll hurt to your ears.

The little dibbun’s like to steal candied chestnuts,
But when they get caught, they’re paddled on their butts.

Martin the Warrior is their protecter,
The badger mother, they do respect her.

If you are evil, please do take caution,
For if you don’t, the dishes you’ll be washin.

Redwall has had, some battles and skrimishes,
Bet you that makes Redwallers squirmish.

Some warriors of Redwall include Martin and Martin,
Mariel and Matthias, Mattimeo and Dandin.

Even though I don’t live there, I visit each year,
And as I approach, happy songs I do hear.

It is a happy place, with occasional tears,
This song’s about Redwall, over the years.

Used with permission.