Year 3


[Year #3]
–Autumn of the Blazing Leaves
–Winter of the Frozen Flame
–Spring of the River Glen
–Summer of the Early Frost

A Collection of Winning Song Contest Entries

Autumn of the Blazing Leaves

November 8th, 1998

First Place

By Clearspring

An eerie glow
Sent down below
From heav’nly bow and its arrow
On silver wings
A spirit brings
A life to all non-living things
The mind may teem
With things that seem
To be real, or are they just a dream?
A silhouette
Grows larger yet
A destination still unmet
A trav’ler led
To sandstone red
As joyful voices fill his head
A happy place
A friendly face
Bids the trav’ler quicken his pace
The dream attained
A triumph gained
For he who’s road has been so pained
Redwallers say,
“Please come and stay,
Join us on Autumn Nameday!”

Used with permission.

Second Place

The Spy
By Aster

Around a corner, over a wall,
Through a window and down a hall,
She creeps without the slightest sound,
Feet treading lightly on the ground.
The black-gloved paws pick the lock,
Being careful not to block
The moonlight with smallest shadow,
So the watchful guard will never know.
A dagger in the porter’s back,
A stain of red against the black.
Once inside, she sees her goal:
A small bit of paper, wrapped up in a scroll.
She stows it away and leaves double-quick,
Re-locking the door with an audible click…
A shout, then footsteps, running fast,
She leaps the wall and is off in a blast.
And when they look, they see only naught,
For a good spy is never caught.

Used with permission

Third Place

By Twap Kangaroorat

Once, there was a garden…

A place where creatures lived in harmony.
All we feared was tempest’s blast
And no one knew of treachery.

But all I once knew seems to be gone…

All mortal things must change,
I’ve sometimes heard it said.
But now the garden only seems to grow within my muddled head.

A garden inside my shattered head?

They’ve taken away the flowers
And replaced them all with stones.
At last, I find, I’ve lost my way
Amongst the blood and bones.

And where I was there now are none.

But sweep the ashes of the fight
Outside of where the eyes can see.
Away into the starry night.
And I know there is a garden.

Used with permission

Winter of the Frozen Flame

February 21st, 1999

First Place

~Song for a Friend~
By Iris Streambattle

The sky is grey with heavy clouds
And snow drifts all around
The mournful wind through icy trees
Is winter’s only sound
So far from home I find myself
Far from the life I’ve known
I do believe I’ve never felt
So lost and all alone
Remembering those summer days
We thought would never end
Throughout those seasons in the sun
You were my dearest friend
Now summer seems so far away
And time keeps passing on
Winter came so suddenly
It came–and you were gone
Now I must travel on alone
Until my journey’s end
I’ll think of summer days again
And remember you, my friend.

Used with permission

Second Place

Winter Glee
By Clearspring

The winter months seem cold and long
With howling winds a thousand strong
Some would rather stay inside -
Not braving the storm, they safely hide
But oh, what things these creatures miss!
The snowflake’s touch – a gentle kiss;
A cleansing breath; the snowfall’s smell;
The urge to play is hard to quell;
The challenge of a snowball fight;
Watching sunset’s dying light
My friend, I give advice to you
A secret of happiness, true and blue:
Forever young we all can be
If we remember winter glee.

Used with permission

Third Place (TIE)

History Lesson
By Lavander the Hare and HarpSong the Badger

It is lesson time
and the wind is calling
longingly I sit
gazing at
snowflakes soaring swirling
in the frigid winter air
I dream of
running and leaping
in the silver-bright
cascade of crystals from
misty winter skies
It is lesson time
and the wind is calling.

Used with permission

By Foremole

Snowflakes floating silently
Down upon the peaceful Abbey,
Inspiring thought and reverie,
Bringing reflection and memories.

Redwall sits among the white
Quietly standing as if in spite
Of howling wind and seas of white
While from inside comes a glowing light.

A beacon to those with peaceful intent,
Its time and comfort to them is lent,
Redwall harbors none who are bent,
But others are welcomed in any event.

To others the Winter is harsh and cold,
But Redwallers, though each and every bold,
Gather around and stories are told.
Dibbuns play and loved-ones hold.

A time of joy and peace shall reign
Dispersing cruelty and memories of pain,
The love and care never feigned,
When Winter rolls around again.

Used with permission

Spring of the River Glen

June 13th, 1999

First Place

By Hon Rosie

My name is the Hon Rosie
A jolly hare am I
I beg your pardon, my good sir
Could you pass that apple pie?
Oh, I care about many things,
But my friends would take too long to name off
Why, all my friends, to me, come first…
Even b’fore the scoff!
Am I sayin that food’s not important?
Why no, how could I say!
Er, excuse me, my good cook,
I prefer it fried this way…
Oh sure I love to eat fine foods,
Putting food before m’friends? Unheard!
But, just to let you know,
I like my cordial shaken, not stirred.
If you really want to know
Where I put my ‘first place’ label,
Then can I ask a simple thing?
Can we discuss it at the table?

Used with permission

Second Place

By Starfire

She hugged her son and said goodbye
As he walked off she started to cry
Now two of her children, gone in one day.
One captured by slavers, one to the warrior’s way.
As her son disappeared o’er the shadowy rise
She lifted her head and looked toward the skies
And remembered how, a few hours ago-peace!
But then came a band of vermin-type beasts
They’d taken her daughter and one or two more
Perhaps to the north, perhaps to the shore
As dawn broke that day, chaos descended
They looked in despair, their world was upended
A small group of warriors took Martin’s sword
A dagger, some slingshots and slingstones galore
And then while the abbey was still wreathed in shock
They found the vermin trail and away they walked
When sunset arrived they were slowly adjusting
In their friends warrior spirit’s were trusting
But the one little mouse whose world had been shattered
Sat on the ramparts, her poor heart was battered
She pledged everyday to keep watch o’er the gate
From sunrise to sunset from dawn until late
And so she did, but it was in vain
For after a week her heart was the same-
Her son was still gone, her daughter still missing
But still she sat, watching and listening
The season came and the season passed
The days came short and the nights came fast
The little band had not returned
But the Abbeydwellers had longsince learned
Life goes on and you can always hope
But all the mouse did was mope
Until one day, at the start of spring
What happened then was a marvelous thing
Over the hill and across the rise
Came a joyous site for the mouse’s sore eyes
A warrior’s welcome was prepared
For the now big bad with the sword bared
The little mouse was now whole-hearted
For the son and daughter with whom she’d parted
Had now come home

Used with permission

Third Place

~The Flight of a Feather~
By Clearspring

Dipping, swirling
Diving, twirling
Carried by breezes from far away
Flying and whirling
Wishes unfurling
Ne’er knowing where it will be the next day
Freedom unbound
Without a sound
A vision of liberty lost in the sky
Solace is found
Where dreams are unwound
‘Tis only a feather that truly can fly…

Used with permission

Summer of the Early Frost

September 19th, 1999

First Place

By Hon Rosie

Silent, silent
Like the peaceful Moss River
Flitting, flitting
the wings of a dove.
Smiling, slipping
as time goes by.
Closer, closer
to my love.
Laughter, laughter
reaches my ears.
Humming, singing,
I join in.
Wistful, wistful
notes play out.
softly, sweetly
our lives do spin.
Listen, listen
one is calling.
Speaking, speaking
a name thus true.
Soothing, soothing,
a new day dawning
a youth, a warrior
’tis fate…adieu…

Used with permission