Year 5


[Year #5]
– Autumn of the Dancing Shadows
– Winter of the Dancing Snowflake
– Spring of the Rising Stars
– Summer of the Roaring River

A Collection of Winning Song Contest Entries

Autumn of the Dancing Shadows

December 10th, 2000

No Entries

Winter of the Dancing Snowflake

January 21st, 2001

No Entries

Spring of the Rising Stars

April 22nd, 2001

First Place

O’ Nameday
By Mondolia the Warrior
(with Abbey Grace by Brian Jacques)

Pennants n’ streamers frolic on the breeze-
Lively snippets of rainbows
Prancing with the zephyrs,
The gusts flirt with the tree-tops as well, for,
Flora of a luminous-verdant enter the merriment,

Melodies n’
Cacophonies of the winged folk,
Blend together in harmonious airs,
‘Tis Mother Nature’s handiwork,
Intended for such joyous affairs,

The festive courtyard is garlanded
With the entwined fragrances of-
Jewelled fruits, from which ambrosia trickles,
Crisp, bedewed veggies, glistening in the sunbeams,
Steaming buns n’ loaves of barley, wheat, oat
Pasties-spicy, aromatic gravies, quite enticing
Broth, chowder, stews-aye “zoop” as well,
Jostle with these dishes-n’ more!
For room, on the majestic, creaking banquet-table,

t’ Sun,
O’ glorious Phoebus!,
Reigns over this auspicious occasion,
Warming our fur,

As we caper about,
We make merry as we please,
Ballads and mirth couple with
The jaunty birdsong,

Young n’ old,
Seats themself-
Intones the Abbey grace,
“Squirrels, otters, hedgehogs, mice,
Moles with fur like sable,
Gathered in good spirits all,
Round the festive table,
Sit we down to eat and drink,
Friends, before we do, let’s think,
Fruits of the forest, field and banks,
To the seasons we give our thanks.”


Used with permission

Summer of the Roaring River

August 12th, 2001

First Place

By Clearspring

A lightening bolt strikes
A link between earth and sky
Dark night becomes day
Ripples spread outward
As raindrops hit the puddle
The clouds open up
The moon blocks the sun
Bright solar wind flares outward
Light swallowed by dark
Sporting in the stream
Resting in the noontide moon
Otter fam’lies play

Used with permission