Year 6


[Year #6]
– Autumn of Remembrance
– Winter of the Icy Falls
– Spring of the Rushing Waters
– Summer of the Misty Falls

A Collection of Winning Song Contest Entries

Autumn of Remembrance

December 12th, 2001

First Place

These are the Seasons
By Furrtil

Seasons turn in the old wood grove
From old ones sitting by the stove
To babes in the summer by the trees
Feet in the stream, water swishing by their knees
Adults gathÕring nuts in the autumnÕs air,
In the spring stop for a play thatÕs quite rare,
These are the seasons,
Seasons in the old wood grove
These are the seasons,
Watch mateys play with weathered coves
These are the seasons
With love and joy and hope galore
These are the seasons
And I’ll sure be back for some more!

Used with permission

Winter of the Icy Falls

February 17th, 2002

No Entries

Spring of the Rushing Waters

May 26th, 2002

First Place

One Day Again: A Poem for My Friends
By Clearspring Otter

Tears of shattered glass draw blood from impassioned eyes
Plunge downward onto soft rose petals and transform into diamonds
Drowning in drops of agony, waiting for Sun to splinter Night
Send stars falling to earthly graves
Weep not for buried stars; the dead shall rise again
They shall melt Sun and return us to Night
Billions of pinpricks bleeding light from sable cloth of velvet
Clothing tear-stained heartbreaks in starborne dawn
Permeate bloody conflict with binding light
Words tarnish eternity
Light blinds words
Stay the path of forever, go beyond omega
Mourn Day as Night’s coda, mourn Night as Day’s
Mourn not evermore, see both sides of the coin
Unclouded by twilight’s fog, inspired by dusk’s fantasy
Feed on dreams, drink of reality
Stem the flow of blood from unfounded wounds
With blood of night, eternal light
And sleep on rose petals
That turn shattered glass to diamonds

Used with permission

Summer of the Misty Falls

September 22nd, 2002

First Place

I Was There
By Slagar the Cruel

I was there in days of old
When my father departed for the seas.
In the tale of my past, so seldom told
I helped bring Marshank to it’s knees.

I was there when the Abbey was created.
I was there in Redwall’s prime.
I was there when the Abbey was unfaded,
Untouched, unseen by time.

I became a part of the very place
Which I had helped to design.
Forever mice would see my face
On the banner which is mine.

I was there, guiding Simeon the blind.
I led him to my coveted blade.
He gave it to Dandin, who soon would find
That it would come to his greatest aid.

I was there when, with a flash of light,
My sword came down from it’s perch once more.
It departed to help my allies fight.
It helped the hares to win their war.

I was there when my role was at last filled
By the one who I called “I Am That Is”.
I helped him become a warrior, skilled.
My title of champion became his.

I was there at the passings of the flame.
To many I passed my silent advice.
Not least of whom my sword did claim:
Brave squirrels, otters and mice.

I was there with many beasts as they dreamed.
I was there to help those in distress.
Through hallucinations (or so it seemed)
I’d direct another through a mess.

Nary an original shred
Is left intact upon my face.
But many have worked, thread by thread,
To damaged pieces replace.

I gave up my body long ago.
But he who says I’m dead knows naught.
I am still very much alive
Whenever there’s tyranny to be fought.

I’m still alive when some poor soul
Is feeling puzzled or afraid.
I whisper how to reach their goal
Or how their part’s to be played.

I was there
I am here
And I will always be there

For Redwall.

Used with permission