Chapter 11

by Malkariss

Erin spent the whole night awake, thinking about what Tragar had said. Just before dawn, he felt a soft tap on his shoulder. He whirled around and saw Daniel sitting next to him.

“What is wrong, Erin” he asked.

Erin remained silent for a few minutes, then he spoke, “Tragar and his horde are planning to attack Redwall today.”

“How do you know” asked Daniel.

“I overheard Tragar talking to his horde last night” Erin replied.

“Oh no! We must stop them from attacking my home” he exclaimed.

He was startled by a hearty laugh behind him. He turned around and saw Scamper sitting up against a rock.

“Yes we must save Redwall, Daniel” said Scamper. “But it is kind of hard to do anything when we are tied up here.”

“I know” replied Daniel. “But I vow that someday I will take the sword of Martin away from Tragar and I will slay him with it.

“Those are brave words, Daniel” said Erin. “But Tragar is larger and stronger than you and besides we are at his mercy. It will take a miracle to save us now.”

“Right you are, young one” Everyone jumped as Tragar materialized out of the shadows. “You are at my mercy, and nothing will save you. After I conquer Redwall Abbey I will kill you all.”

“You are wrong, Tragar” replied Daniel. “It is you who will be slain with the sword you hold. That sword of Martin is a sword of good, to slay evil.”

“Enough valorous words, young one” said Tragar, contemptuously. “Now I march to conquer Redwall. Afterwards I will return to kill you. I am Tragar the Beast.”

With those words he marched away. He didn’t see the sparrow, who had been hiding in a nearby tree, speed off in the direction of Redwall.