Chapter 12

The sparrow flew through the air as fast as he could on his way to Redwall Abbey. He had to warn the abbot about Trager and his army!

Daniel was asleep. A rustling in the nearby bushes woke up the mouse. “Shhhh. Quiet. I’m here to save you,” came a voice from the bush. Daniel smiled. He had a chance to escape!

“Who are you?” Daniel whispered.

“Nachoon the vole,” replied the voice. Out stepped a small vole wearing all green. “I have two score others waiting to lead us far from here.”

“Why are you trying to save us?” asked Daniel.

“We are good friends with Erin,” answered Nachoon. The vole quickly woke up the many other slaves, who remained silent. The vole swung his sword down on the chain. It snapped easily.

A nearby ferret captain named Beesting stirred. Nachoon broke the other chains. Then, Beesting woke up. “Escape! Esca…!” An arrow found it’s mark and killed the ferret.

By then, the whole camp was awake and full of life. Tragar ran to the site where the slaves were kept and cursed. They were gone! “Find the maggots! I want them alive!” he roared. An arrow embedded in the Beast’s footpaw. He didn’t even flinch, just shouted more orders.

The voles rushed through the woods with the escaped group. They were headed towards Redwall Abbey. Several creatures were close behind and gaining. Gonjur quickly glanced over his shoulder to see a huge rat running behind. The hare ran faster.

The sparrow, Riddlin, reached the abbey quickly. He chirped loudly. Abbot Cornelius ran out of the Great Hall to see the bird perched on the west walltop. “Danger! Danger!” he shrieked.