Chapter 13

by Martin the Warrior

The sparrow then flew up to the abbey attics to report to his queen.

Meanwhile, the rat gained on the prisoners. Gonjur fell under the rat as the rat tackled him.

“Oh no!” came a cry from ahead. The entire band of escapees were surrounded by Trager and his army.

“I am not amused!” Trager growled through clenched fangs. “Tie them up again! This time keep an eye on them! I will not tolerate any more foul ups!” He leapt down and shoved a spear through a nearby stoat to emphasize his point. He stared at the ranks through his beady eyes and almost hissed……. “Understand?”

The horde quickly nodded in unison.

“Good!” Trager said. He was becoming more sure of himself… ever since he got the sword….. the powerful sword…… he could sense it’s radiance…. the sword…….. the sword of Martin!