Chapter 15

by Eljy

Tigerlily says “How will we get out? The guards will stop us, won’t they?”

Daniel replies “You must have missed what I said: The guards are all chained up. By the way what is the secret of mossflower?”

“I will show you” said Tigerlily.

Trager was NOT pleased all his plans had gone amiss. For all his careful planning, someone had told the abbey dwellers that he was coming. He was sure it wasn’t one of his hoard because they were all too afraid of him to do anything like that. There he was wrong: One of his hoard was actually decent. He was a ferret, strong and brave and he carried a bow and a quiver of arrows. He also had short sword and three curving daggers. His name was Stabgut.

Stabgut had decided it was time this hoard lost its leader so one night he volunteered to guard Trager’s tent but, just when he was about to slip into the tent, he met another of the guards. Stabgut slipped a blade between the other guard’s ribs, but the guard had a chance to scream. Then the whole camp woke and started to chase Stabgut, but he escaped. He ran back toward the original camp.

Tigerlily said “Let me get us some weapons.”

She came back with two swords. She took one and gave the other one to Daniel. Then they went over and woke Nachoon and his two score of voles and set them free. Nachoon and his two score of voles all got armed. Then Tigerlily said “Now I will show you the secret of Mossflower.”

Stabgut ran right into the company just as they were departing.