Chapter 17

by Tican the Enchanter

Gunthre was right. Trager was a fair way from the troupe. As the friends marched, hopefully to victory, they heard a loud cry.

“That sound has to come from a mole!” excaimed Erin.

“Guuurrr, ow help oi quick! Guurrrrroww” cried the mole.

“We must see what beast is in trouble!” said Daniel.


“No buts Gunthre! That mole sounds as though he’s in terrible pain!”cried Daniel.

“The cry came from behind us, just around that large elm”, said Erin.

The friends quickly ran to aid the mole. Sure enough, he was behind the tree.

“Hello?” said Scamper.

” Ow, ello gennelbeasts! Please help oi, moi paws asprained!” said the strange mole.

“Ok, friend. But, first, whats your name?” asked Scamper.

“Oi’m Gubble. Please help moi paw!” said the mole.

“Well Gubble, we better let Erin take a look at it” said Daniel.

” Well, you did get a nice sprain!” said Erin. ” I’ll get a get a good, straight stick. Gunthre, see if you can’t find a peice of leather in my haversack.”

“Oh, thankee koindly sirs!” said Gubble. ” But if’n you’ll excuse moi, oi’ll have to be on moi way.” siad Gubble. ” Oi’ll repay you’ns, sum day. Boi Gennelbeasts! And thankee again!” waved Gubble as he went on his way.

The troupe went on their way, but by now, it was almost dusk. The friends decided to take a short nap, but keep traveling through the night.

” Aaaaaaahhhhhhh” yawned Gunthre. But when he became fully awake, his face dropped in horror. His friends had been tied up by an adder, and his two salamander friends! He was next! Gunthre knew that drastic measures had to be taken, so he ran over to Erin’s pack, and grabbed a sword. He held the sword, and quickly thrust it straight between one of the salamander’s shoulder blades. This made the adder terribly mad.

” Get the ssssssssquirrel Groob!” hissed the great snake. The second salamander charged at the young squirrel, but quickly fell, a large gash in his stomach.

” Let my friends go snake, and I might spare your life!” yelled Gunthre.

The snake made a move to strike at Scamper, but instead struck a sword, ending his life. Quickly, Gunthre untied his friends, so they could continue on their quest for the Sword of Martin.