Chapter 18

by Jess Squirrel

The goodbeasts of Redwall traveled onward through Mossflower, trailing Trager the Beast. It was a dark, stormy, morning. It had been pouring for the last three days. Hard rain and hail beat down against Daniel and the other’s backs like pounding rocks. Lightning lit up the sky, showing them the way to travel.

Up ahead, they heard a gushing noise. “Looks ‘ike we’ve come to a stream, mates!” Scamper exclaimed.

“The water’s high and fast for a stream, friend.” Erin told Scamper.

“That’s because of all this bloody rain.”

“Well, then, how do you suppose we could cross? Surely the current from the rain will sweep us away if we swim it.” Daniel asked.

“That won’t work anyways. I can’t swim a stroke.” Alfred sighed.

“Well, I could make it, if I had a rope to hold on too . . .” Scamper started. “Wait! That gives me an idea. Erin, gimme yer rope!”

After many hours of hard work, Scamper managed to get himself and the rope across the river. He tied it to a tree.

“Okay, mateys, hold on to the rope and swim across holdin’ on to it so you don’t get swept down the river. Trager crossed, and so can we!”

One by one the woodlanders and Redwallers made their way across the river. Daniel was first, Erin last. Alfred was before Erin, and while crossing a bolt of lightning lit the sky above him.

“Ahh!” he lost his grip and fell into the river.

“Alfred!” Daniel cried, but Alfred went under, lost from view.