Chapter 2

by LAFerahgo

Alfred and Daniel were exhausted. They had been working the whole day to make up for what they had done. Abbot Cornelius had hoped they would learn they’re lesson but they were already planning what to do the next day.

“We put a bucket of water over the door!”

“Yeah! And get ‘em all wet! HAHA!”

They laughed about their plan and the others they had that day. Gunthre and Gonjur were laying sick in bed.

“Awww….I’s be feeling awful!” Gunthre moaned.

“Serves you right, Tubby, for drinking so much cordial!” Alfred told them.

They got into bed and soon they were all asleep.

“What are we going to do about those dibbuns?” Cornelius asked as he and a few others sat around the table.

“Those rascals are getting worse evry day. We have to stop them somewhere, wot?”

Everyone agreed that something had to be done but no one knew what.

That night, when everyone was asleep, Daniel woke up with a start. He thought he had heard something in the Great Hall. He tried to wake Alfred but he wasn’t successful. He decided to investigate for himself. He went down the stairs and into the great hall. In the shadows he saw a figure creeping over to the tapestry.

“Who’s there?” Daniel asked.

Realizing he had been seen Trager quickly grabbed the sword of Martin The Warrior and ran.

Daniel cried out but it was too late. Trager was gone.