Chapter 5

by Sabertache

The Dibbuns looked about, wondering where to go.

“Maybe we can find something to help us?” suggested Gonjur.

“Yeah. Let’s look around. But we best be careful so we don’t find that mean rat,” replied Daniel.

“And I bet the mean rat will be careful around ‘The Wolf-Badger’,” remarked Gunthre, sending them all into fits of laughter.

After they had calmed down, the Dibbuns sneaked through the night, searching for anything to help them find the missing sword of Martin.

“What’s this?” asked Alfred, coming across a set of pawprints by the riverbed as he was stopping for a drink.

“Looks like some pawprints to me,” remarked Daniel.

“Let’s follow it. That’s what Martin would do!” said an overly enthusiastic squirrel, Gunthre.

“Let’s go!” the four shouted and ran off, following the trail.

Trager laughed. He had the magnificient sword of Redwall Abbey and he had captured a spy in the midst of his army. This was a lucky day for him!

“Thought you could outsmart ole Trager, eh?” He asked of a terrified weasel, Mucktooth.

“Nnnnnoooooo, ssssiiiiir!” Mucktooth always had a bad habit of stretching his letters out longer than they should be.

“Then why were you telling Burgune the Rat about my plans?” demanded Trager, a dagger in his paws.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwaaaaaasssssnnnn’ttttt,” the weasel stuttered out.

“Then how did Burgune find out about my plans?” Trager asked.

“Ddddddoooonnnnnnnnnnn’tttttttt kkkkkkkknnnnnnnnnooooowwwww,” Mucktooth cried.

Trager was getting tired of trying to get anything out of Mucktooth. He already saw that Mucktooth wouldn’t tell him anything else, and Mucktooth’s speech was annoying.

“Eliminate him!” Trager said.

“Nnnnnnnnnooooooooo!” yelled Mucktooth as he was carried away by a pair of powerful stoats.

Trager heard the screams of Mucktooth and relaxed. This was a good day.

Daniel marveled at his luck. The fact that they ran into the two otters, Frisk and Scamper, was a miracle. The otter twins were raised in Mossflower and they knew Mossflower like the back of their paw.

“What are the four of you out, mateys?” asked Frisk.

Feeling they could trust the otters, Alfred said, “Looking for a sword that belongs to us.”

“A sword? Hmmm, just follow us and we’ll get your sword in a jiffy!” said Scamper.

“Thanks!” the Dibbuns chorused.

Frisk laughed and said, “No need to thank us, mateys.”

“So true,” added Scamper.

They followed the pawprints and came to a large quarry. Gonjur came across a new type of plant. He reached out to pluck it but was stopped by Scamper’s paw.

“Nay, matey. Don’t touch that unless you want to wake up in the morning with your paw all puffed up and sore and itchy.”

“Who knows. Maybe he won’t wake up in the morning,” said a sinister voice.

“What?” Daniel cried as the were surrounded by vermin scum in front of the quarry.

“Let’s get ‘em!” cried Gunthre, ready to fight.

“No matey. There be too many of them.” Frisk said quietly.

Indeed, there were too many for the two burly otters to handle, even with their slings and otter javelins.

“Ah, a smart otter,” said the sinister voice.

“Show yourself!” called out Scamper, annoyed and very mad.

“The other otter wishes me to show myself,” said the voice. Trager then stepped out of the bushes.